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Description of Angels in the Bible

What exactly do angels look like according to the Bible?

It’s probably safe to say that at some point in everyone’s life, we’ve all imagined what angels really look like.

Do they look like the chubby little babies with cute little wings that sit on clouds and play harps and shoot cupid arrows?

That’s how they are portrayed for the majority of kids when they are in school writing out Valentine’s day cards to their crushes, at least.

Or do they look like you and me, but they sport white shiny robes with large wings protruding from their backs?

Or are both of those wrong, and they look like beings that we could only dream up out of our wildest imaginations?

Well, if you’ve ever asked yourself that question, the great thing is that the Bible actually gives us multiple sections of scripture that detail what some angels look like…and some of them are freaky.

What are Angels?

Before we jump into the physical appearances of the different angels mentioned throughout the Bible, let’s take a minute and discuss what angels even are to begin with.

So, if you’ve never picked up a Bible and read it, let’s start by saying that if you want what is believed to be the best and most accurate and trusted depictions that most scholars on the matter would agree with concerning what angels look like, or even what they are, the Bible is your best starting point.

Angels, according to the Bible, are a sentient species of beings that were created by God that are on a completely different level and dimension than that of us humans.

They cannot procreate as humans do, and they do not live and inhabit the earth in the same manner and meaning that we do.

God essentially created the race or species of angels to be his ambassadors and to carry out his will according to the special tasks, roles, and responsibilities that were given to them by God.

Meaning that there is a hierarchy of rank and file among the angels in terms of how they carry out the will of God, which is ultimately to bring about the restoration and reconciliation of His creation back to Himself from the separation of sin and to protect His creations from evil and the devils, all according to the Bible.

  • John 3:16
  • Ephesians 6:12

The Hierarchy of Angelsdescription of angels in the bible kjv

 Does it surprise you that angels would have a system of hierarchy and rank?

Well, according to the Bible, they do.

As far as we know, according to the Bible, there are at least three ranking titles or types of angels:

  1. Archangels
  2. Seraphim
  3. Cherubim

Archangels should be thought of and considered to be the chosen right-hand angels of God.

There have only been three mentioned by name in the Bible, although now there are only two.

The three archangels from the beginning of Genesis were Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer.

If you don’t know basic Bible or Christianity 101, then allow us to shed some light on the subject and these names.

Gabriel and Michael are essentially the commanding lieutenants over all the rest of the angels, like generals in an army.

Lucifer, in the beginning, was by all means and definitions God’s right-hand angel.

That is until Lucifer became extremely prideful and thought that he should be God instead and that everything and everyone should worship him instead.

So, a great war among the angels broke out and resulted in Lucifer and his followers being kicked out of heaven, becoming the fallen angels that would be better known to you as Satan and his demons/devils.

Anywho, the Bible depicts these three archangels with physical characteristics and traits that closely resemble what a glorified human might look like if you can imagine that.

The Bible states specifically about Lucifer that he was the most beautiful of all the angels and that even when he fell into his prideful corruption, he maintained his beauty so much that he is capable of convincing people that he is appearing to them as a heavenly angel rather than the devil himself…something that makes you think.

Let’s move on to the rest of the angels and how some of them are recorded to look awesome straight out of a fantasy novel, and some look creepy and freaky straight out of a horror movie.

What Do The Rest of The Angels Look Like?biblically accurate angels

Okay, so we know that the three, now two archangels have what could be called “glorified” human qualities of their physical appearance, but what about the rest of the angels?

Well, first off, in the book of Hebrews, in chapter 13, we are shown that angels can take on the physical appearance as it is entirely possible that some of us have had interactions with angels and never even knew we were in the presence of an angel.

But then…we have scriptures like Ezekiel chapter 1 that depicts a scene of angels that look like this:

“The likeness of four living creatures came from it, and this was their appearance: They looked something like a human, but each of them had four faces and four wings. Their legs were straight, and the soles of their feet were like the hooves of a calf…Their faces looked something like the face of a human, and each of the four had the face of a lion on the right, the face of an ox on the left, and the face of an eagle” (Ezekiel 1:5-10, CSB).

If you found that little section of Biblical scripture interesting, then it might interest you to take an evening or Saturday morning and google other parts of the Bible that describe what some other angels look like.

You’ll find that there are angels that look like 6-winged creatures that are completely covered in eyeballs…

You’ll also find many instances where these angels alter their original creepy or awesome appearances to visit us humans to bring certain messages from God concerning important events in their life.

Either way, we hope you enjoyed this article and that maybe you’ll even do some more research as to what the Bible says angels looked like.


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