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5 Signs That You’ve Experienced a Visitation Dream

After losing a friend or family member, you may feel that your loved one is trying to contact you. This could be through visual signs, subtle messages, and frequently through what is known as visitation dreams.

If you’ve never experienced a visitation dream before, it can be rather difficult to decipher whether or not you’ve had a genuine encounter.

Loved ones may try to reach out to you in several different ways, however, these are 5 of the most common telltale signs that you’ve experienced a visitation dream.   

#1 You feel intense emotions during and after the dream.

Experiencing any dream featuring a passed loved one can leave you feeling emotional; However, a visitation dream is likely to heighten those feelings of emotion significantly – both during the encounter and after waking up.

Visitation dreams are incredibly vivid and allow you to form a genuine connection with those that are no longer physical beings. This contact is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining, but still not something to shy away from.

Visitation dreams usually occur because a passed loved one is trying to communicate with you, be it for reassurance, or to give you a message. Regardless of the reasoning, it can be very difficult to come to terms with.

While you may feel flooded with emotions after a dream encounter, it is important to listen to the message of your loved one and accept anything that they have to say.  

#2 You experience an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach after waking.

Visitation dreams are mostly rooted in positivity and are usually a way for your loved ones to comfort you and offer reassurance. However, depending on what stage of grief you are experiencing, a dream encounter with a loved one can leave you feeling empty and ‘without.’

Having a feeling like there’s a pit in your stomach is very normal, as a visitation dream can feel like you have your loved one back momentarily, only for them to be taken away again.

Despite being uncomfortable and somewhat distressing, this pit in your stomach feeling is very natural – and is actually a great way to tell that you’ve had a genuine encounter.

If you have experienced this feeling, try to find reassurance in the fact that your loved one is reaching out to you.

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#3 You can sense their presence during the dream.

Visitation Dream signs


Seeing a passed loved one in your dreams is one thing, but sensing their presence could mean that you are actually experiencing a visitation.

While visitation dreams are similar in appearance to normal dreams, they are, in fact, very different.

Visitations in your sleep will often present themselves as dreams because you are in an unconscious state.

Loved ones often choose to reach out while you are in this state because it is easier to get through, and people are usually more open to accepting encounters when they are sleeping.

Sensing a loved one is very distinct, and almost a difficult sensation to put into words. It’s somewhat similar to the feeling of being watched – you just know.  

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#4 You encounter random coincidences before and after the experience.

Signs From Our Deceased Loved Ones


Random coincidences that remind you of your passed loved one before, and after a visitation dream is a strong indication that they are trying to get through to you.

Little things such as stumbling across their favorite book, or perhaps their favorite song could be a sign that they are trying to communicate.

Certain things unexpectedly falling into place in your life is also a good indication that they are looking out for you and traveling with you on your own life journey.

Having these random coincidences happen in addition to a visitation dream can really solidify the connection, and also reiterate the fact that you are having genuine encounters with a passed loved one.

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#5 You can smell your loved ones’ distinct scent.

Visitation Dreams and Signs


The smells that we associate with certain memories are usually very clear and prominent in our minds.

The scent of a loved one is not always that noticeable when they are with us physically, but when they have passed, it can become incredibly recognizable.

Experiencing and smelling the scent of a passed loved one after a dream encounter is a compelling sign of having a genuine visitation dream.

Although your loved one’s physical being might not be with you in person, they are with you in spirit. It is possible for your loved ones’ spirit to leave behind a recognizable scent. While this is often their personal scent, it can also be a smell that you associate with them – for example, something they cooked often, the cigarettes they smoked, or maybe even their workplace.

Closing thoughts.

Visitation dreams can be incredibly profound experiences.

They can leave you feeling many different emotions, both good and bad, however, it is essential to remember that accepting the experiences is the best possible thing that you can do.

While it can be difficult to know for sure whether or not you’ve had a genuine encounter, the signs listed above are some great indicators.

Some visitation dreams are more subtle than others, so the more open you are to establishing a connection with a passed loved one, the more likely you are to benefit from the experiences.    

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