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Psychic Dreams – Definition, Types, Interpretation and Meaning

This article explores various different forms of psychic dreams with a goal to give you a well-rounded view of what they’re all about.

Psychic dreams are so unique because they activate the spirit, mind, and soul. Moreover, psychic dreams allow you to access information from beyond the physical by connecting to a deeper, multi-dimensional spiritual realm.

Anything that deals with this remarkable triad of knowing is all about psychic potential and intuition. This type of dream can be interpreted to give you a simple blueprint of meaning.

You can take this intuitive blueprint and apply it to your everyday life, which will allow you to make more conscious and educated choices.

Understanding your dreams will make more sense to you once you recognize how psychic dreams have an uncanny method of breaking through the walls of consciousness.

The synchronistic aspect of the final setting may simply be the result of how your unconscious mind knows what is coming before you consciously piece the information together.

An indication that you had a psychic dream and not a normal one is if you dream about something external or outwith your own life. Most normal dreams are about oneself or at least pertaining to oneself.

Carl Jung, a famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, attempted to bridge the gap between spirituality and science by recognizing the spiritual quality of dreaming. He believed that dreaming was the manifestation of the subconscious mind and that it used the symbols inherent in human archetypes to convey messages to the dreamer.

For instance, if you are concerned about a problem, then most probably, your subconscious mind will show it to you in your dreams in order to remind you of it or to help you solve it.

Types of Psychic Dreams

There are four types of psychic dreams, and they are quite frequent: clairvoyant, telepathic, precognitive, and clairaudient dreams.

#1 Clairvoyant DreamsHow To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

In these types of dreams, the dreamer “tunes in” psychically to an actual location or situation in real-time, as if the dreamer is actually present at that location.

There is absolutely nothing you can do about preventing or changing anything you see in a clairvoyant dream.

Clairvoyance is the capacity to see clearly and, while this is an intuitive ability, it begins, grows, and flourishes from the same part of the brain as your imagination.

To validate this type of psychic dream, the dreamer would need to find out whether the event in the dream was actually taking place at the time of the dream and to know or be able to find out the real-world location he visited in the dream.

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#2 Telepathic Dreamsdeam sleep

They contain thoughts, images, and feelings from person to person (mind to mind), outwith the usual five senses. This type of dream is impacting, vivid, and incredibly real. Telepathic dreams are best described as one individual “tapping” on another.

When you connect with other individuals using telepathy, you are communicating with them at a different frequency to usual communications that use the typical senses.

This method of communication at a higher level means that you are able to relate to people at a higher consciousness level also. In addition, it leads to a deeper understanding of people, as well as an almost harmonization of your emotional body.

Telepathic dreams have been widely studied by scientists, and of all types of psychic dreams, they are comparatively easy to verify.

As telepathic dreams involve both a receiver and a sender, experiments can be set up to test the phenomena by noting how a receiver’s dreams are influenced by thoughts intentionally sent to him while sleeping.

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#3 Premonition or Precognitive Dreamslucid dreams

Premonition is the ability to predict future world events. They are realistic, vivid, and captivating dreams that feature metaphors, symbols, and events.

If we are having this type of dream, it is crucial to keep our feet on the ground. Additionally, remember that precognitive dreams speak to us in symbols.

Occasionally, these symbols may represent events in the real world and even prophecies about the future. Nevertheless, the majority of precognitive dreams express the way we feel and reflect our worries and fears.

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#4 Clairaudient Dreamsdream sleep psychic energy

Clairaudient means to hear clearly, and a clairaudient hears messages from the spirit world. Clairaudient dreams are characterized by a voice or a particular sound that seems to come out of nowhere and is very distinct, usually conveying a message.

An individual with the gift of clairaudience commonly works hard to become a pure channel for spirit.

Note – when clairaudient abilities are starting to open up, you may notice changes of pressure in your ears, ringing in your ears, or you may start to hear voices.

Final Words

It’s very important to start recording your dreams if you want to start determining if any are psychic. Keep a notebook beside your bed and every morning after you wake up, write down every detail you can remember about the night’s dreams.

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Monday 25th of January 2021

I had a sort of premonition about a friend I used to be quite close with in which I was giving him a hug and all of the sudden I jolted up and felt the need to cry and like i was being stabbed in the chest and I couldn't stop thinking about him. This is not the first time I have had a dream like this pertaining to him, over the summer I kept having a re occurring dream that he got shot trying to help which is not an irrational concept because he is in the army. It is also quite odd because he has just recently came back into my life I don't know what this means but if you do could you please give me guidance or information?

Chiamaka Onyema

Wednesday 12th of August 2020

I had a dream I was in a deep sleep in my dream. Before I slept off in my dream. I came across a stranger who appeared as an acquittance,but had the bizarre qualities of an enemy. We both shared a bed, I'm female and she was female as well. When I slept off,in my dream she crept out of the bed to steal my phone. In my dream I was aware she was stealing from me. Then I tried to wake up I couldn't Then she came back to my bed and pretended she was asleep too. When she tried to get up and escape, my hand was hooked over her neck and she seemed to be suffocating, pleading I should let her go. The strange thing about my dream I was still asleep, in my dream when my arm was hooked over her neck.I eventually woke up,immediately and faced her. Then I ordered her to return my phone to me. She seemed frightened, and returned my phone. I ushered her to the door angrily,and asked her to leave and she left. I want to have an explanation to my dream, any way you can please give me . Take Care and God bless