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Pelican spiritual meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of the pelican?


Our world is full of all kinds of birds, some of these birds have been honored by mankind and made to be the national bird, symbolizing the strong values of said country.

The U.S.A. has the bald eagle, Germany has the golden eagle, the Bahamas has the flamingo and Romania has the Pelican.

Some are more majestic than others, but each has its own interesting spiritual meanings and symbolism. This article will be focused on the long-beaked pelican.

Pelicans are by no means majestic looking birds with their large and extended beaks and throat pouches that give their heads an oblong look.

While the sight of some birds like hawks, falcons, and eagles might produce a sense of awe in people, the sight of a pelican would more than likely make people remember the scene in the movie Finding Nemo with all the pelicans bunched up on the coastal rocks shouting “mine, mine, mine, mine!”.

Not exactly a thing of majesty…

But that’s okay, because not every bird needs to symbolize power, honor, and majesty.

In this article, we will be discussing these long-beaked birds and what their spiritual meanings and symbols are that separate them from their fellow flying animals.

Interestingly enough, there is a lot to be said about the pelican and the spiritual symbolism surrounding the pelican in all its various appearances in the world.

The Pelican Spirit Animal

For those of you reading this article that feels a strong spiritual connection to the pelican believing that the pelican just might be your spirit animal, let’s take a look at what your spirit animal says about you.

  • You are never lacking for motivation to grow and develop in every aspect of your life; you see everything as either a challenge worthy of overcoming or as inspiration to become something better than what you were yesterday.
  • While you may have what seems to be an endless drive for ambition, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are also the lone wolf type of person to do everything on your own. You prefer to be a true team player that encourages the people around you to take the life opportunities given to them as you do the same. You want to grow with people rather than grow above them.

Dreaming of Pelicans

Dreams are things that are always hard to cipher, your dreams can be the result of something weird you ate for dinner or they can be a mode of communication between your deeper subconscious and the universe you reside in.

So, let’s discuss the various possibilities of what it could mean if you dream of pelicans.

  • Dreams of flying pelicans could mean that you are about to find yourself in a future situation where someone is going to try to take something away from you. These dreams are meant to be a warning and an encouragement to stand strong and resolute when the situation comes so that you can come out on top.
  • Dreams of you catching and holding onto a pelican could mean that you are about to receive bad news when you were expecting good news. Though, don’t let this get you down, rather focus on what you already have in life that is good.
  • Dreams of a pelican floating on the water are a great dream to have. This potentially means that you are about to enter into a great period of peace in your life, sit back, and enjoy the peaceful things in life that are about to come your way.

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Spiritual Symbolism of the Pelican According to World Cultures

  • Ancient Egyptians believed that pelicans could protect the souls of the dead as they transitioned from our world to the next.
  • The pelican in the ancient world of alchemy was linked to the Philosopher’s stone. Whether or not the Philosopher stone really did exist we will probably never know, but it was known to be the greatest piece of ancient alchemy as it could transform any metal it touched into gold.

The fact that the pelican was connected to the Philosopher’s stone might just mean that there is more to these birds than what meets the eye.

  • In modern times the pelican is the national bird of Romania, the state of Louisiana, and the mascot of countless sports teams worldwide.

It is interesting to learn just how large of an influence these strange-looking birds have had on our world. They are connected to many ancient cultures and modern cultures as they are used to symbolize nations, countries, states, and teams.

The birds themselves are known to be the spiritual symbolization of humility, unity, and sacrifice.

For the people that find strong connections to these birds, they are people that anyone can trust as they tend to be extremely loyal and trustworthy people that will always be there when you need them the most.

So, the next time you see someone that has a pelican tattoo, or you dream of a pelican (hopefully at peace on the water), just know that you are in good company and be ready to enjoy some of the most peaceful times of your life.

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