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Karmic Relationships – Connections Between Love, Suffering and Karma

On the big stage of the Universe, in which each has its purpose, there are no struggles, but karmic rebalancing.

Throughout their experiences on Earth, there are unfinished, incomplete, and unresolved relations and issues between some souls.

Emotions and feelings have the strongest impact on a soul; so strong, that a soul must pass through many lives in order to reach a balance and make peace with them.

”Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever.” – June Masters Bacher

Perhaps in a previous existence, you have chosen a way to learn the current lesson of love. And now the Universe, in its infinite possibilities, ensures that people who are in debt will enter our reality and contribute to our karmic balancing. Above all, we must understand an essential principle: karma does not punish anyone! Karma is a force that brings BALANCE.

Throughout our experience on Earth, there are people who allow us, one way or another (comfortable or not), to learn, grow, develop and evolve.

Beyond our will, even if we fail to fulfill our purpose and karmic mission due to our free will, at some point in life we will establish certain karmic connections with these souls.

Whether we like it or not, the relationships with these people don’t always seem easy, pleasant, harmonious, or peaceful. On the contrary. These karmic relationships are complicated.

Either they help each other in choosing the right path in life or, on the contrary, deviate the other from his true path, thus increasing the karmic debt in a future life.

Even though their initial purpose is to help our evolution, in many cases, karmic relationships are accompanied by restlessness, anxiety, disorder, and inner struggle, and seem to cause more problems instead of solving them. Even if nothing seems to encourage us to perceive them as such, karmic relationships are precious gifts that help us evolve on our long spiritual journey.

There is usually ‘something’ in the other person. We should discover it and learn from it, as it helps us develop and evolve. Also, we must embed it in our consciousness.

We need to learn this about ourselves, to help us understand our karmic problem.

At some point in life, when we are ready to understand, we will attract what we need.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears – this is how karmic relationships work. Anyway, this whole process of personal growth (many experiences regarding relationships, failed jobs, friends, etc) can take years and years.

It’s not very often for one to experience a happy karmic relationship, but this occurs when there is positive karma.

The experience of a karmic relationship is not meant to last a lifetime. The relationships of love are far from being perfect or idealistic.

Who wants to experience endless confusion, unhappiness, joylessness, resentment, or sadness?

Who wants to wake up every day with these feelings?

Most of the times, these relationships are accompanied by these feelings. On the inner level, they bring confusion and indecision. In such a relationship, there is no authentic and real growth.

When you face this kind of karmic situation, you know it deep down inside, even if you don’t want to admit it.

You know it’s too hard and not the way true love is supposed to be. Signs show you are in a karmic relationship and that this doesn’t mean that you have found your soul mate, no matter how much you would like it. You know all this and yet you throw yourself at it.

Because, apparently, you feel that there is no other possibility and you just hope for the best. Some parts of karmic relationships occur at a young age when you first experience a broken heart.

Or it may happen to you later in adulthood when it can turn into a destructive long-term relationship, which can also involve having a child.

How to recognize a karmic relationship?

The two partners involved in a karmic relationship will experience, from the start, a strong attraction and a strong magnetism.

Two souls feel a strong calling toward one another, beyond the voice of instinct that tells them they might suffer, and it’s like some sort of karmic mating dance.

Often there is a mutual attraction, which seems to encourage the partners to be together and get to know one another. When the time is right, this intense attraction can turn, as it frequently happens, into a love relationship. Often, karmic relationships don’t involve mutual feelings.

Usually, one of the two partners has stronger feelings, and it’s the one who has to learn the greatest karmic lesson.

Destructive or healing?Why Do I Keep Thinking About My Ex Spiritual Meaning

When you realize you’re in a destructive karmic relationship, it’s important that you learn your lesson first. Then, break this chain of anger, unhappiness, and sadness that you unconsciously perpetuate.

Nobody says that love is suffering and that you have to continue this pattern of suffering forever. Love is freedom, happiness, peace, and harmony. The longer you stay in this kind of relationship and ignore your lesson, the greater the karmic debt becomes in a future life.

Be compassionate and understanding with yourself and your partner. Forgive yourself and the other. Allow yourself to leave and, at the same time, learn to let go as well. Why do you think you two were brought together to live this experience of love/suffering?

The purpose of karmic relationships is to learn from them, to accept the fact that you had to experience it in order to learn something and to evolve spiritually. Then fly away, dream and hope, and to finally find true love.

Love and compassion, understanding, and tolerance are all-powerful and efficient tools you can use to harmonize and break free from karmic relationships!

After all, a karmic relationship represents a meeting all over again. It doesn’t have to be like the one from the previous life, nor is it’s opposite.

It’s just a magical encounter between two souls who have the opportunity to create a bridge of light and love, a path to become ONE!

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Monday 13th of May 2019

This is a beautiful article giving in depth understanding of Karmic relationship.


Monday 15th of April 2019

It's universe truth that one day soul will find a perfect partner but it's all about attraction when we realize that we have a attraction for anyone then we have to follow that person


Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

The article gives the idea that we have our own Souls and that it must pass through different lives: There is only one Soul and each of us is a reflection of that One Soul. It is not the reflected Soul that must pass through different lives but it is our 'bio energy - bio memory' that we carry with us. Each of us carries baggage 'karma' in our 'bio energy - bio memory' that is carried on to our next experience here. Advaita 'non-duality, oneness' the 'Atman' is 'Brahman' ...""I am Brahman"

Insight State

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Thank you for your beautiful comment, Anon. Have a good day.