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How to Find and Connect with Your Spirit Animal

Life is already a complicated mess for most of us, and when you feel overwhelmed with stress, your intuition telling you one thing while your reason argues against it, it’s difficult to channel all of your energy to one decision at a time and to allow your innermost voices to speak up.

If you’ve always been the kind of person to believe in your intuition, in the guiding hand of your deepest wisdom, then you know that such a voice can be epitomized in the idea of your spirit animal, as your guide.

These creatures are your guardians as well as guides, they protect your spirit from straying into those choices you know are not aligned with your values and your purpose.

Spirit animals are always within you, in your reflection, in every choice you make, safeguarding you from harm of all sorts.

Some people might have a hard time finding their spirit animal, let alone connecting to it and recognizing its voice in this overcrowded, noisy world of ours.

Here are a few simple ways to determine what your spirit animal is and how you can better connect with it for greater happiness and wellbeing.

Gaze Into Your Dreams

We all know that our dreams have symbolic meaning, that they are mixtures of memories, our own as well as those of our ancestors, that they are our soul’s and mind’s way to resolve inner conflicts, and that they carry important messages for us every day.

Have you ever noticed certain pawprints, noises, vocalizations, or images that represent animals in your dreams?

Chances are, you might have already met your spirit animal in your deepest sleep, without realizing it.

Start journaling your dreams to invoke stronger memories of what visions come to you during the night, and you’ll soon start seeing clearer images of the creature that guides you.

Meditate And Embrace Your Inner Animal

Even when you’re awake, your spirit is always prepared for communication, but only when you are ready to embrace it.

Since most of us lead very hectic lives, it can be challenging to find a moment of solitude and silence, but it’s essential in order to be able to put yourself in a deep meditative state, when you can invite your spirit animal into your mind.

Open your heart to the idea of visualizing your spirit animal, and it will soon appear to you.

Let your breathing be the focus of your attention, and let your thoughts naturally form.

This process may take time, so practice patience and perseverance. Find a comfortable meditation cushion to prevent distractions in the form of discomfort and clear your mind’s eye.

Adopt And Love An Animal In Your Home

Most of us are surrounded by other people and concrete, very little of our natural environment is around, and as a result, we often don’t know how to communicate with animals.

Why not share your own living space with a loving animal creature that needs a home, and deepen your bond with Mother Nature, all animals, and your own spirit guide?

Before you do adopt an animal, prepare your nest for its arrival – after all, if you haven’t coexisted with animals before, you’ll need some time to adapt.

Just to be on the safe side, you can use air purifiers for allergies to prevent any reactions to animal dander once you adopt a pet into your home.

Plus, you will provide a safe haven for your new family member and clean, unpolluted air for both of you.

Spending time bonding with this animal, whether it’s a kitten, a puppy, a parrot, or a rescued baby fox, will be a soul-searching experience, one that will help you recognize the importance of animals in our lives, and perhaps allow for your spirit animal to appear sooner.

Spend Time In Nature

As we’ve established already, most of us live in urban areas and massive cities where overpopulation has almost become a norm.

An occasional park is certainly not enough to be considered a bond with nature as it was intended to be, so we use every opportunity to organize little getaways into the untamed corners of nature and detox from pollution of all sorts.

Find some time for hiking in nature, on your own or with your loved ones, learning about the creatures that reside in the area, and that you may be lucky enough to spot on your walks.

Why not grab a pair of binoculars to get an even better view of the vast space around you and spot some curious animals hiding amidst the trees?

You can even meditate in nature, and invite your spirit animal to appear in your mind as you’re surrounded by greenery and immersed in birdsong.

Final Words

Finding and building a bond with your spirit animal is a lifelong journey, one that deserves your attention and dedication. Use these simple, but powerful methods to connect with your spirit guide, and start nurturing that bond for life.