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Family Bonding Time: Habits and Activities that will Bring You Closer

In this crazy fast-paced world, we tend to forget to say goodnight to our loved ones before we go to bed, let alone set aside some time during the day or even the week to bond spiritually and emotionally.

Spouses grow increasingly distant physically as well, as the lack of physical contact due to exhaustion and stress impacts their willingness to show and receive love and affection. All of this negatively impacts your lifelong well-being and happiness.

But what about the rest of your family? What about your relationship with your children, and what about their relationship with one another?

As a mindful parent, it is your duty to guide your children on the path of spiritual awakening, emotional maturity, positive energy, and love towards their siblings.

If you want your kids to love one another, and to love you, you need to spend quality time nurturing your bond. Here are the activities and habits that will bring your family closer together.

It all starts with dinner

Sharing a meal with your friends and family is one of the oldest and most respected rituals across the globe, a ritual that has stood the test of time for thousands of years.

But why is this ritual so beneficial, and why do families practice it to this very day?

Quite simply, it has the power to bring us closer together spiritually and emotionally, though our physical closeness. Gathering around the dinner table is one of the rare opportunities to spend some quality time with our loved ones, exchange stories, and connect.

This ritual can be as trivial as putting food in your bellies and going to your rooms, or you can make it meaningful and purposeful. The next time you gather with your family for supper, make sure to have a clear idea of what you want to talk about.

Be sure to truly listen to your loved ones, hear their words and the meaning their carry, and don’t change the subject until you’ve helped them resolve their problems.

Focus on spiritual bonding with your loved ones

Among the numerous activities and habits, you should develop with your loved ones, spiritual bonding should be one of your top priorities.

In this modern-day and age, the concept of the spirit doesn’t have to be tied to any religion or deity, so don’t worry if prayers are not your thing – there are plenty of ways you can incorporate spirituality into your everyday life in order to become healthier, happier, and to connect with your family members in a more meaningful way.

Building a strong spiritual connection with your loved ones, past and present, is one of the best ways to build an inextricable bond that will keep you close throughout your life’s journey, no matter where it may take you, and no matter how far you might be physically.

To achieve this, you can meditate with your children and your spouse, practice gratitude together, and go on spiritual getaways throughout the year.

Create a safe space for all family members

Every home needs to have a sacred space, a private oasis imbued with unhindered peace and positivity, a serene oasis where family members can come together and spend quality time doing whatever it is that they like doing together.

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching movies or if you’re playing board games; you could be just sitting on the couch and talking, the important thing is to build a safe space where you can bond emotionally and spiritually.

This space can be the living room where you can create an inviting seating area, a nook created with flexible modular sofa that can accommodate all of your family members and act as a focal point that will inspire them to gravitate naturally towards it.

Surround the area with the décor elements that bear sentimental value such as family photos and memorabilia you’ve gathered throughout the year, and use scented candles to make the space feel even more serene and inviting. And there you go; you have the perfect safe space where you can bond with your loved ones.

Spend more time with the grandparents

As the new generations grow and come into their own, aging parents start to take a more secondary role. This is only natural, as children bring their own offspring into the world and their priorities shift from taking care of themselves and their parents, to the health and long-term wellbeing of their children.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should forgo the seniors in your family, in fact, you should make it a habit to reconnect with them and strengthen your bond.

A big part of graceful aging is knowing that you have the love and support of your children and grandchildren, so even if your parents are not living with you, it’s important to stay in touch and visit frequently. Remember, seniors have a lot to teach you about life and its numerous intricacies.

After all, they boast the experience you could use to strengthen your relationship with your own children, as well as your friends and colleagues.

Take a frequent family escapade

And finally, consider how a family escapade into the great unknown, be it a city or a natural setting, can help you connect with your kids and your significant other.

Travel is a deeply rewarding experience, a chance to discover new cultures and ways of life that will help you shape your perception of your own lifestyle, and help you adopt healthier habits. Of course, this can only succeed if you make your travels meaningful and purposeful.

When traveling with your family, pick your destinations and methods of travel wisely. You want your escapade to instill positive habits in the developing hearts and minds of your children, and help you become a better earthling as well.

Connect with your loved ones through eco-friendly travel, buy locally-sourced foods and products, nurture the natural settings you visit, and volunteer for a worthy cause while there – after all, there is nothing that brings people together like a selfless act.

Creating lifelong memories and building inextricable bonds with family and friends takes time, it takes effort, and it takes dedication.

Now more than ever before, it’s imperative that we find the time to connect with our loved ones in a more meaningful way, and strengthen the relationships that will make us all better people.