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Your Perfect Guide To Quit Smoking

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco smoking is a leading cause of poor health and premature death. Smoking is one of the most significant risk factors leading to the development of diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory, and some forms of cancer.

Up to 90% of all cases of lung cancer, 75% of cases of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, and 25% of cases of coronary heart disease are associated with smoking.

According to scientists, due to getting rid of nicotine addiction, the average life expectancy would increase by four years.

More than 10 thousand people die every year due to smoking in the region. This is more than 26 people daily. Loss of life expectancy associated with using the best vape pen in men is six years, in women 5-7 years.

The socio-economic efficiency of preventing bad habits, including the most common one, is quite high. According to average statistics, more than 1.5 million residents of the Kuban smoke, of which: over 900 thousand people are men, more than 580 thousand people are women.

The magnitude of the economic damage from smoking in the Krasnodar Territory is more than 500 million rubles per year. This is the damage from fires and accidents related to smoking; treatment of diseases caused by smoking; a decrease in labor productivity, loss of working time, disability.

To this must be added the costs of medical care for illnesses associated with passive smoking and smoking of mothers during pregnancy.

For a long time, biologists and psychologists from all over the world have been trying to find the fastest way to quit smoking. Often, tips were divided into abrupt and stopping, a gradual decrease in the number of cigarettes smoked or the use of a vape pen (more info here).

Which of these is better and more effective? We suggest you read the top tips to help you quit smoking once and for all.

#1 Medical Assistance

The psychotherapist will help develop an optimal regimen for the period of refusal of cigarettes and, if necessary, will prescribe medications that help cope with stress. Everything is scientifically sound and suitable for those who prefer convention medicine.

#2 Patches And Nicotine Gum

A way to quit smoking without a nicotine hangover – a patch or chewing gum delivers a minimal amount of nicotine into the body while you are weaning from cigarettes. The method is suitable for those who cannot tolerate the time of nicotine removal from the body.

The disadvantages include the fact that then you will gradually have to wean already from substitutes. If you are a smoker with a little experience, the degree of nicotine addiction is weak, and you do not want to see a doctor, you can try one of the other methods.

#3 Hypnosis or coding

The psychotherapist inspires the patient that he no longer wants to smoke – in a state of hypnotic trance or without it. If after some time a breakdown occurs, it is better to revisit the doctor and either strengthen or remove the received settings.

#4 Acupuncture

By working with specific points on the body of the disease, more than one millennium has been treated. Bad pathogenic habits are no exception. The doctor sticks special needles into the desired points on the ears, and the craving for smoking disappears.

Usually, one to six sessions are required. The method is not suitable for those who faint at the thought of injections. It also cannot be called officially approved.

#5 Hard Work

Psychologists recently found that stressful jobs can significantly reduce the number of best vape pens. And even quit altogether – after all, there is absolutely no time left for a smoke break with a busy schedule.

The effect will be stronger if you choose a company in which smoking is completely prohibited for career growth.

#6 Sports

For those who are attracted to an active lifestyle, the way to replace tobacco with an exciting sport or fitness is quite working. Moderate and regular exercise causes a biochemically determined feeling of pleasure. In this state, it is much more comfortable and more pleasant to overtake your habits. Besides, sports have a good effect on appearance.

With the development of addiction, a break in smoking is accompanied by an inability to concentrate, a bad mood, and excitement. This inhibition occurs as a result of the release of a larger than a reasonable amount of brain neurotransmitters.

Over time, the smoker’s body can no longer be satisfied with the dose of nicotine that was supplied at first, which makes a person take up a cigarette more often, and then change the brand to a stronger one. So addiction is formed.

Some people have a predisposition to substance abuse, which includes tobacco. If parents smoke, their babies may become addicted to nicotine before birth. When such a child grows up and tries to smoke, his addiction will come much faster than in adolescents.

If the mother actively smoked during pregnancy, her child’s predisposition to smoking will be even stronger.

#7 Electronic Dope

It may sound strange, but it is vape pens that can help quit smoking. You can buy one for only a couple of thousand rubles. And on cigarettes a month it takes much more. First, you can try cigarettes with nicotine, and then gradually switch to options without nicotine.

#8 Green Diet

It is no longer news that smokers gain weight faster. A balanced diet will help, where there will be no alcohol and coffee, but there will be a large amount of greenery. Several products will help remove toxins from your body.

#9 Help Of A Friend

You can quit smoking for a company with someone – a friend, colleague, even a mistress. One condition – it must be a person with whom you spend a lot of time. For greater efficiency, be sure to introduce severe sanctions into your contract, preferably economic ones. And no concessions.

Final Words

Ask your friends, neighbors, acquaintances how they quit smoking. Among their methods, undoubtedly, there are suitable ones that are worth considering.