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Ways To Get And Stay Motivated To Work Out

If you are used to living a couch potato life or even feel that you have too much to do, it can be extremely difficult to motivate yourself to exercise.

You are the only one with the power to get yourself healthy and in shape. Below you will find some tips and tricks for getting and staying motivated.

Change The Way You Think

Yes, this is much easier said than done, but stop making excuses, and instead make exercising regularly a priority. Think of it like you are training for the marathon of life and setting a good example for people that may look up to you, like your children.

Your workouts should be thought of as blessings rather than inconveniences.

Take inspiration from everyone you meet, especially people who may not be physically able to workout, because you are lucky that you have the ability to be physically active.

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Set Aside Time

If you can look at your schedule and put in 1 hour everyday for you to be physically active, your body and your mood will thank you. Pushing it off will most likely make it not happen. It needs to be something that’s set in stone.

Make this 1 hour a day just as important as everything else in your schedule. After each workout, jot down the way you feel, so next time you are feeling unmotivated you can read the way you feel after a workout.

Apps or email reminders could also help in keeping you accountable. Another idea is to sign up for classes instead of joining a gym. It may cost more in the long run but if you sign up for a class and you don’t go, you are losing money, which may help motivate you to actually go to the class.

Speak To Yourself

Constantly remind yourself why you’re working out and what brought you here. Do you really want to go back to not exercising? Is that a life you want to live, an example you want to lead by?

Remember the endorphin rush you get after a workout and get addicted to it. Working out is the best way to constantly stay happy because of the endorphins. Just when you are thinking about skipping a workout – ask yourself if you’ll regret it. Living a mentally and physically healthy life is all up to you.

Don’t give up on the opportunity. Continue to tell yourself that you can do this.

Set Short Term Goals and Long-Term Goals

Setting realistic goals with clear milestones is very important. Getting closer to your goals will make everything in your life seem like it’s falling into place as well.

You don’t need to run a marathon, a goal could be to fit in an old pair of jeans or a specific swimsuit by the time summer arrives. Setting goals and different challenges should keep you motivated to achieve them. It will also be super rewarding when you actually do reach them.

Gather Your Support Team

Whether it’s your friends or an online support group, you need to surround yourself with people that will lift you up instead of putting you down. You can meet friends at the gym to catch up on each other’s lives while you both work out.

Planning to meet a friend for an early morning run will get you there because you wouldn’t want to leave your friend hanging, would you?

You also may want to join an online community of nutritionists and other people that share similar goals as you. Working out on a regular basis will also mean you sticking it to all the haters and people that doubted you.

In Summary

To sum everything up, get up, exercise, and hold yourself accountable. The way you look and feel about yourself is based on you and you alone. If you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror, then use one of the points listed above to get motivated and if none of these things work for you then find another way.

Yes, it will be hard, but it will be worth it.