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Sexual Problems: Frigidity | Erectile Dysfunction | Infertility | Sexual Perversions | Breast Pain | STDs – Spiritual Meaning & Causes

A sexual problem refers to a problem during any phase of the sexual response cycle which prevents the individual from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity.

The sexual problems reported by women usually consist of three types:

  1. Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) – it can cause a woman to lose interest in sex.
  2. Difficulties achieving orgasm or becoming sexually aroused – the inability to become sexually aroused is occasionally related to lack of desire. In other cases, the woman feels sexual desire, however, she cannot become aroused.
  3. Lack of sexual desire – it is a common problem in both women and men. Lack of desire is an ongoing problem in some people and temporary in others.

The most common problems related to sexual problems in men include:

  • erectile dysfunction – it is the inability to acquire or maintain a satisfactory erection. At age 40, about 40 percent of men are affected;
  • ejaculation disorders – premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual function concern;
  • inhibited sexual desire – it is characterized as a lack or absence of desire for sexual activity and sexual fantasies.


Psychological Causes

These include concern about sexual performance, work-related anxiety and stress, depression, relationship or marital problems, the effects of past sexual trauma, and feelings of guilt.

Physical Causes

Many medical and physical conditions can cause problems with sexual function. These conditions include:

  • side effects of taking antidepressant medications;
  • drug abuse – according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, about 2.8 million people tried an illicit drug for the first time in 2013;
  • alcoholism;
  • liver failure;
  • kidney failure;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • neurological disorders;
  • heart and vascular (blood vessel) disease;
  • type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Spiritual Meaning of FrigiditySpiritual Meaning of Frigidity

Being frigid may reveal the fact that you can’t or you don’t want to offer yourself to your partner, you don’t want to be subordinate.

It may also mean that you are afraid of your sexual abilities and desires or you don’t want to be indecent. These thinking patterns may be related to the acts of giving and receiving.

Instead, you rather remain cold and frigid. Love will help you open up and make you permissive. This also refers to sexuality. Learn to accept your sexual feelings and not let fear or rejection turn those emotions into something ugly.

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Spiritual Meaning of Erectile DysfunctionSpiritual Meaning of Erectile Dysfunction

Potency issues are always related to the fear of ejaculation and losing control as well as the fear of repressing the psychological content.

The necessary energy is kept in the brain instead of being used where it’s needed.

There is often a feeling of sexual pressure and tension as well as a feeling of guilt. Some even feel resentment against their partner. It’s no surprise that everything goes wrong.

Once you realize these things, you will know that it is necessary to become more aware of your feelings because sex has nothing to do with the intellect. In other words, release your inner energy during the act of love.

If you can ignore your mind, you will soon experience the power of emotion and the joy of sexual energy.

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Spiritual Meaning of Male & Female InfertilitySpiritual Meaning of Male & Female Infertility

In some women, infertility indicates an unconscious rejection of pregnancy, while in others the pregnancy is only desired for “binding the partner”.

Male infertility indicates the fear of a close relationship and also the responsibility of having a child.

In both cases, it is important, to be honest with yourself and to admit what you really want without condemning your desires. You will then be able to make the right move in the future.

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Spiritual Meaning of Sexual Perversions

In all cases of abnormality, the individual involved faces the aspects of his life that he rejects. He is often bitter and fights against them.

The form of abnormality shows people the quality that they lack such as masculinity, femininity, humility, domination, etc. In a sense, this abnormality makes the person become a whole by letting her live the qualities that she lacks.

Integrate the antagonistic poles inside yourself for unity, and do not do so by extreme behavior. In this way, you will enjoy sexuality in its entirety.

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Spiritual Meaning of Breast Pain (Mastalgia)Spiritual Meaning of Breast Pain (Mastalgia)

These symptoms may indicate that the maternal instinct has become too important and that you have become authoritarian and arrogant.

That is why your body draws your attention.

Accept that each in his individuality is different and that each has to find and follow his own way in life. Allow yourself and let others be free and independent.

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Spiritual Meaning of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)Spiritual Meaning of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

An estimated 20 million new STIs occur every year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Virtually all venereal diseases “prohibit” sexual intercourse in any way and, at the same time, suggest the idea of self-punishment.

There is usually a sense of guilt about sex combined with the belief that the genital organs are dirty and sinful.

Take a break and realize that sexuality will become pure and beautiful if you accept it as an expression of love and desire to unite.

If you can do that, you will no longer have any feelings of guilt or punishment.

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