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Popular Reasons Why College Students Drop Out

Many young people who enter colleges are not aware of what awaits them there. Most of the freshmen believe that they will continue studying in the way they got used to at school not realizing all the responsibilities. As a result, only a part of those who entered the college receives a degree after years of studying.

These are mainly students who have been taught to overcome difficulties and face challenges without fear. All other learners, unfortunately, dropout. Many of them do that within the first year of study already as they turn out to be not prepared for the obstacles met in adult life. So what exactly makes young people leave universities and colleges never getting a degree?

Here are top 10 reasons offered by students.

#1 Lack of money

One of the most popular reasons for young people to leave college is an inability to afford the tuition fee. It is not cheap to get a higher education so many students have to work to be able to for tuition. That results in academic troubles and necessity to look for writing help and pay money for writing service like too. Lack of money leads to poor consequences.

#2 Making the choice in favor of a full-time job

A necessity to work is connected with different living conditions and the cost of education as well. However, it is almost impossible to be a full-time employee and study for a degree unless you are ready to study for many years taking one or two classes each semester.

#3 Family issues

Nobody is insured against emergency situations and it happens that students should leave a college to help at home. Of course, it is advisable to discuss the situation with educators and choose an individual study plan if it is possible rather than drop out forever.

#4 Multiple stressful situations

Student life is characterized by numerous stressful situations. Young people experience everything from personal relationships to urgent paper writing. Such cases make young people act spontaneously and make mistakes that might influence the rest of their lives.

#5 Disappointment in major

When school graduates choose their major, they usually consider the income it might bring about and prestige of the job. But nobody ever thinks if he copes with this job and whether it appeals to him. When a student faces the core of the major and realizes what his responsibilities will be, he comes to the conclusion that it is not the thing he was dreaming about and simply leaves.

#6 No need to obtain a degree

Some students come to the universities to acquire valuable knowledge and when they understand that it is enough, they drop out without any hesitation.

#7 Personal emergency situations

There are life situations that have a huge impact on the flow of our lives. Somebody might get pregnant or seriously ill, the others need to move or marry in another country. Each of the unpredictable situations can influence the choice to leave studying.

#8 College atmosphere is not for you

Some people who come to college realize that they can not bear everything happening there. It is difficult to sit until the end of the class or pay so much time for home assignments. As a result, such people choose another life path different from standard college one.

#9 Too much entertainment

College life is not only writing custom essay or thesis, it is also the time to let your hair down and switch off completely. But some students become so involved in different types of entertainment that forget about studying and fail it. Consequently, they drop out because of academic failures.

#10 No support

Many students get lost in the abundance of events and tasks assigned to them. Being shy or not bold enough to ask for an advisor or communicate with professors such students get stuck in the problems and can not find a way out of them. As a result, they get fed up with everything and prefer to drop out rather than lives in a constant disappointment.