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6 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Whether you are looking for an assisted living facility for an elderly parent or disabled family member, it is critical that you take the time to choose the absolute best place for your loved one.

You should, after all, want them to have the best housekeeping, meals, and nursing care possible. It will make a huge impact on their quality of life.

During your search for a good facility, keep the following 6 factors in mind:

#1 Consider Your Loved One’s Favorite Activities

It can be easy to choose a facility you like, but your loved one might not necessarily enjoy it. For instance, you’ll want to stay away from more lavish facilities if you know they would feel more comfortable in a homier setting.

Also, be mindful of the community’s focus. Be assured that they have activities that are appropriate and enjoyable for your loved one. For instance, a golf-oriented assisted living facility is fitting for a man who once enjoyed this sport. But if he is limited by conditions such as arthritis or Alzheimer’s, a facility with a different focus would be more appropriate.

#2 Consider Location

It is important to pick a community that balances proximity and reality. You’ll want to pick a facility that is close enough to you so you can visit. But you don’t want to sacrifice your loved one’s happiness just to choose a community that’s closest.

A community that’s a little further away than the local facility might be a better fit for your loved one. Whichever one you end up choosing should also be close to resources they might need (hospitals, physical therapy offices, etc.). 

#3 Research and Visit Facilities Before Choosing

Make sure the facility you go with has qualified staff and the proper licenses. If your loved one has trouble getting around, the facility should have the necessary accommodations. Devices such as wheelchair lifts, adjustable beds, and ramps should all come from an authorized distributor, such as those on the website from Jameson Medical. Make a checklist and cross off each item at the facility so you can make sure they have all the equipment needed to provide quality physical therapy.

A community might look great online, but you should always check it out in person. Make sure that it is clean and well-kept. Notice if the residents appear happy and well cared for.

If possible, bring your loved one along to see if it is a place they would enjoy. Pay attention to the differences provided by each facility you visit. What makes each one unique, and what can each provide for your loved one?

#4 How Much Does It Cost?

Especially in certain areas, assisted living costs can be expensive. Know that you can find an affordable community that will give your loved one the care they need.

The contracts are usually straightforward, but always read the fine print. Some communities, for instance, might have separate fees for living, meals, and personal care while others will provide an “all-inclusive” charge.

#5 Take Your Time

Even if your situation is urgent, you should never rush the decision of choosing an assisted living facility. A good rule of thumb is to visit at least three facilities so that you’ll have a good idea of the options available. Be realistic about your situation, and make a decision only after weighing all of the potential factors.

#6 You Don’t Have To Make the Decision Alone

Choosing an assisted living facility for your family member is not an easy decision. It comes with a lot of pressure to make the right choice.

Other family members and friends close to your loved one should weigh in on the decision. Others who have already gone through this process, advisors, and your loved one’s medical team can all help you make this decision.

Having multiple perspectives on assisted living options will give lead you to the best overall opinion. Just remember that it’s the loved one’s opinion that matters most!