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5 Questions to Ask When Finding a Home for Your Elderly Loved Ones

There comes a time in our lives when our loved ones grow old and require more attention and care. In the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be difficult to provide your elderly loved ones with the care they need. 

Luckily, there are many facilities that exist to help your loved ones enjoy their golden years. Before you move forward, there are a few things you will need to consider in order to make sure they are getting the proper care they deserve. 

Some services, such as Living Well, provide helpful placement services, but it is also wise to do your own research. Here are five things to consider before making such a big decision.

#1 What Kind of Facility Does Your Loved One Need?

Different circumstances require different necessities. For example, your loved one may prefer living in an independent living facility such as a retirement community, where they are free to make their own decisions and live comfortably. 

However, there are often situations where seniors cannot take care of themselves. In these situations, an assisted living facility may be necessary. Consider your loved one’s circumstances and decide what is necessary. 

#2 Where is the Facility Located?

Where a facility is located is a crucial part of this decision-making process. You might want to find a facility close to where you live, which might be important as it will allow you to visit frequently. 

Does your loved one prefer an urban setting such as a city, or something in close proximity to nature? Discuss with your loved one and figure out what they are looking for in a location. 

#3 What Is the Staff Like? 

You want your loved one to have a good experience in their new living situation. Experienced and trustworthy staff members are a key component of any senior living facility.

These people will be around your loved ones frequently and will be in charge of taking care of them. When visiting a facility, get to know the staff members and find out if they are the right staff for you and your loved one. 

#4 How Much Will It Cost?

Senior Living Facilities do not come without a price. Often, these services can be costly, and you will need to make sure that you can find one that is affordable. You don’t want to go with the cheapest option, but you also don’t want to break the bank! 

Do some research and compare the prices of various facilities so you know that you are able to afford the right standard of care for your loved one. Planning ahead and saving money is also never a bad idea. 

#5 What Services are Offered?


Aside from just living quarters, senior home facilities also may offer various amenities for its residents. Hobbies and activities such as bingo, tennis, crafts, and game nights can be great ways for your loved one to enjoy their leisure time. 

Find out what kind of services are offered by various facilities and compare with what your loved ones are interested in. For example, if your father is fond of swimming, perhaps a facility with a pool is the way to go. 

Final Thoughts

Placing your loved one in a senior home facility is a big decision and all aspects need to be examined carefully. The needs of your loved one are important, so you must find the right place suited for their care. By considering the tips above, you can guarantee that your loved ones will be taken care of properly.