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5 Things to Avoid If You Wear Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

If you wear daily disposable contact lenses, you know how important it is to protect them and your eyes from bacteria, dirt, and debris that can build up in your contacts throughout the day. Bacteria build-up in your contacts can lead to eye infections and even worse, so it’s crucial to take all the steps necessary to protect yourself from harm.

If you’re not getting the most out of your disposable contact lenses, you may want to re-evaluate your contact lens usage habits and ensure that you prevent eye diseases and guarantee optimal eye health.

Here are some things to avoid if you wear daily disposable contact lenses.

#1 Avoid Waiting Too Long Between Lens Changes

Like any other type of contact lens, daily disposables need to be replaced regularly to ensure that you can see clearly.

If you wait too long between replacements, your lenses will get grimy and bacteria-laden. While your eyes might feel fine, not changing your lenses often enough can cause serious eye infections and damage.

Can you wear daily contacts more than once? Generally speaking, it’s best to swap out your contacts every day. If you have any underlying health issues or medications that might weaken your corneas, it’s important to wear your contacts when you need them. This will help avoid exacerbating any existing problems with your eyes.

#2 Don’t Wear Lenses Overnight

People think that wearing their contact lenses overnight is a good idea, but wearing your lens for longer than you should increase your risk of eye infections and corneal abrasions.

If you can’t resist wearing them at night, you should at least clean and disinfect them before going to bed. Remember, if you don’t take your contacts out, they’ll dry out, and it can be painful.

#3 Avoid Sharing Contact Lenses With Others

It may seem easier to ask your friend or partner if they can wear your lens for a day, but there are serious risks involved with sharing contact lenses. Bacteria and viruses can easily spread from one pair of lenses to another.

Your chances of getting sick will be higher when you constantly switch lenses with others. It’s essential to use your personal contact lenses and never let anyone else wear them.

#4 Avoid Wearing Contacts While Swimming or Sweating

One of your worst enemies to contact lenses is chlorine, which can be found in swimming pools and hot tubs. Wearing contact lenses while swimming or sweating will make them more prone to infections.

Remove your lenses and clean them with a special solution before swimming, exercising, or playing sports. If you don’t remove your lenses before swimming or sweating, bacteria may grow on them and eventually cause an infection in your eyes.

#5 Don’t Forget to Use Eye Drops

Contact lenses can start to feel irritating if you leave them on too long without using eye drops. Even worse, they can get stuck in your eyes. To avoid these unpleasant issues and remain compliant with your doctor’s orders, ensure you use eye drops every few hours when wearing your contacts. It will help prevent any unnecessary complications down the road.


If you wear daily disposable contact lenses, it’s important to follow the care instructions provided by your eye doctor and contact lens company to avoid eye infections or other damage to your eyes. However, even if you wear your contacts responsibly, there are certain things that can still negatively affect your eyes and overall health. It’s imperative to educate yourself on top things to avoid when wearing disposable contact lenses to help ensure your eyes stay healthy, clear, and comfortable all day long.

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