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15 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Happy

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who choose to be happy and those who choose to be unhappy.

Goethe said that everyone has his own happiness in his hands, just like an artist giving shape to his raw material.

Contrary to popular belief, happiness does not come from wealth, power or fame. Happiness comes from within. The richest people in the world can also be very unhappy, while simple and humble people can be very happy.

In general, happy people look at the positive side of life: they are pleased with themselves and are just happy to be. We have all met such people. They don’t have unbridled ambitions, they don’t envy and are incapable of hatred.

The question is: How do they do it? The answer lies within the attitude these people seem to share.

Here are some scientifically proven ways to be incredibly happy, that can make the difference between a sad life and a happy one:

1. Eat Well

What you eat determines the body to produce certain hormones that will influence your mood and energy level. Natural food makes you healthy and happy.

According to a study from Australia, scientists established that people who switched from eating almost no vegetables and fruit in their daily diets to eating 8 portions of vegetables and fruit per day experienced a substantial increase in life satisfaction equivalent to what an unemployed person feels after finding a job.

2. Stay In Shape

Scientists believe that as we age, we are constantly losing our stores of dopamine. This is why we need to constantly seek out experiences which release dopamine.

The answer? Exercise more, and more happy chemicals will be released in your brain.

3. Be Pleased With Yourself And What You Have Accomplished

Don’t yearn for more your whole life. Happiness is not having everything you want, but appreciate what you do have. Surround yourself only with important and useful things for you. Happy people don’t feel the need to accumulate excessively. The more possessions you have, the more you worry.

4. Don’t Lie, Don’t Steal And Never Deceive Anyone

You put yourself in a state of stress, with long-term consequences in terms of health. Lying attracts others’ contempt and erodes your self-esteem, and deceit may have more serious consequences, as it can complicate your existence and decrease the chance of ever being happy in this life.

5. Don’t Hold A Grudge

German philosopher Albert Schweitzer said that happiness means good health and a bad memory. This means that if at some point someone hurt or harmed you, it’s better to forgive and forget than to let negative feelings dominate you for the rest of your life. Holding a grudge means to be depressed, anxious, stressed.

By forgetting the insult, not only will you clear your mind, but you will have more energy so that you can enjoy what life has to offer you.

6. Treat Everyone With Courtesy, dignity, And Respect

Kindness and altruism determine the brain to produce serotonin – the hormone of happiness. But the benefits don’t stop at moods! Serotonin is connected to sleep, memory, learning, digestion, and appetite.

7. Handle Any Difficult Situation As If It Were A Challenge

If instead of feeling defeated, you are struggling to save it, you can turn it into a new chance in life.

8. Don’t Worry 

Don’t worry about everything, especially about situations where you have no power to intervene. In most cases, the problems are handled without your help. Live in the present moment and stop worrying about the future. You’ll be much happier.

9. Speak Well Of Others

Being kind is better, right? Gossip can be amusing, to a point, but always leaves you with a sense of shame and guilt. Saying only nice things about others is a form of positive thinking and is good for your health.

10. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Everyone has their own pace of life and their own destiny. Feeling superior or inferior to others won’t bring you the inner peace you need in order to be pleased with yourself. Focus on your progress without relating to others.

11. Choose Your Friends Carefully

Remember that all the unfortunate ones need company, to have a shoulder to cry on. Therefore, surround yourself only with optimistic people. The more positive energy there is around you, the better you will feel.

12. Speak Less And Listen More

You will become wiser. Meditate. Moments of solitude, in total silence, help you find your inner peace. You don’t have to be a Zen master to accomplish it.

13. Sleep

One of the simplest ways to increase the amount of happiness you feel is to get more high-quality sleep.

14. Meditate Daily

Meditation allows people to take charge of their own nervous system and emotions.

15. Go Outside More

Research suggests that contact with nature can be beneficial, for example leading to improvements in mood, cognition, and health.

According to motivational speaker Denis Waitley:

„Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”