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3 Sacred Mantras to Purify your Mind, Body and Soul

Mantras have been a part of spiritual practices for thousands of years.

These sacred utterances are believed to possess profound spiritual significance and can help purify the mind, body, and soul.

This article explores some of these mantras and their benefits.

Why is it important to purify our mind?

The mind is almost always impure, and it almost always brings in unaspiring thoughts.

Therefore, it is necessary to purify the mind to make it crystal clear, for as long as the mind is covered with impurities, the light of the Higher Self cannot shine through.

Ancient yogis knew that in order to control the mind, they must first cleanse the physical body and strengthen the nervous system.

For this reason, they developed the techniques of pranayama and asana and used them in combination with the recitation of mantras and the practice of meditation.

The mantra is a purifying force. Nothing in the universe can pollute the mantra; nothing can make it impure.

It is such a great tool for purification that no matter what you eat, what you think, how you live, or which religion you belong to, it will dominate and dissolve all the sanskaras.

3 Sacred Mantras To Purify Your Mind, Body, And Soul:

#1 Om Mantra

Om is the sound of creation and the most well-known and universal of the seed mantras. It causes energy to gather and flow outward and upward.

Reciting the OM mantra generates a unique vibration in the mind and body that aligns your personal self with the primordial healing vibration of life.

It also serves as a gathering mantra, gathering your inward energy and preparing your energy for movement. In addition, if someone is suffering from psychological pain or some other problems, reciting the Om mantra over a period of time might be very beneficial.

We can understand how powerful the Om mantra is by conducting an easy experiment.

We need to recite the mantra 12 times slowly and with concentration.

Once we have finished, we will notice that all our hatred and anger are melting away.

“Om (AUM) is the truth of all truths, the light of all lights and the destroyer of all illusions.” ― Amit Ray

#2 Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra

The purifying Om Mani Padme Hum mantra is an integral part of Mahayana Buddhism and is particularly found in the places where ”The Great Vehicle” exists and flourishes, namely Tibet, Bhutan, northern parts of India, or Sikkim.

”If one recites one thousand every day then when the body is burned, at the death time when the body is burned, even the smoke that goes away, whomever it touches, whoever smells, whomever it touches, those sentient beings, their negative karma to be reborn in the lower realms gets purified.” – Lama Zopa Rinpoche

#3 Vajrasattva Mantra

Vajrasattva is associated with a 100-syllable mantra, the chanting of which is used in rituals of purification.

It is traditionally chanted 21 times daily to purify negative karma.

Mantra lyrics:

Om Vajrasattva Samaya
Manu Palaya
Vajrasattva Deno Pa
Tito Dido May Bhawa
Suto Kayo May Bhawa
Supo Kayo May Bhawa
Anu Rakto May Bhawa
Sarwa Sidhi May Paryasta
Sarwa Karma Sutsa May
Tsitam Shriyam Kuru Hum
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho
Bhagawan Sarwa Tathagata
Vajra Ma May Mutsa
Vajra Bhawa Maha
Samya Sattva Ah”

There is also a short version of the Vajrasattva mantra – Om Vajra Sattva Hum.

The Vajrasattva mantra is one of the most effective purification practices in Tibetan Buddhism.

“Vajrasattva is a manifestation of Buddha Conquerer Vajradhara and his practice is one of the most powerful healing and purification techniques in Vajrayana Buddhism.” — Gaden Choling description for a Vajrasattva initiation.