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Om Shanti Om Mantra – Meaning & Benefits

Shanti mantras are prayers for peace from the Vedas.

Generally, they are recited at the beginning and end of religious rituals and discourses.

Om Shanti Om Mantra mantra meaning:

The word “Om” is one of the most important and sacred in different religions, like Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Bon Tradition, or much more.

Om is the “primordial seed” of the universe–this whole world “is nothing but one vibrating sound of Om.”

It is also considered to be the root mantra from which all other mantras emerge to encapsulate the essence of the many thousands of verses of Hinduism’s holiest texts. Also, it is written as AUM.

“The syllable OM, which is the imperishable Brahman, is the universe. Whatsoever has existed, whatsoever exists, and whatsoever shall exist hereafter, is OM. And whatsoever transcends past, present, and future, that also is OM.” – quote from Mandukya Upanishad.

The second part of the mantra, Shanti, means “peace, rest, calm, or even bliss.” Peace is the natural state of a being, or the very being itself is but pure peace. It is a beautiful meaning and also a beautiful sound. This is interpreted as peace in the body, speech, and mind (our whole being) or as a desire for peace individually, collectively, and universally.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha.

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Chanting Om Shanti Om mantra creates an aura of peace and calm in your environment and creates the right ambiance around you.

Om Shanti Om mantra can also be used in meditation or even recited anytime when frustration or turmoil arises.

Chanting the mantra will keep the body (mouth, throat, etc.) active, and therefore not allow it to sink into the state of natural, deep rest that TM is famous for. Chanting also controls the mind and prevents it from settling into silence, as it naturally wants to do.

And modern science has shown us that these quieter, deeper levels of life are more powerful – the nuclear level is far more powerful than the atomic level.

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Other chanting mantras benefits:

  • reciting mantras has astounding psychological benefits that can heal the stress accumulation in the minds of adults living in this busy and ultra-modern life;
  • mantra meditation optimizes and improves all the bodily functions so that they can operate at optimum mode;
  • repeating a mantra can place you in a meditational and peaceful state which gives you deep relaxation, and also relieves you from the sounds and sights and extra stimulation of the 3d world, and delivers us into a spiritual and calm space;
  • chanting a mantra in a specific way, it becomes an instrument to open up a different spiritual dimension of life and experience within you.

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Similarly, mantras are more powerful when they are thought, rather than chanted, but the biggest power is discovered when the mantra is transcended.

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