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The Best Advice You Can Get As A Yoga Beginner

It seems like everyone today does yoga. Your friends may be doing it, your siblings, cousins and even your mother may have taken up the class. So, why don’t you do it as well?

There is no harm or danger when it comes to yoga. On the contrary, it brings to us so many benefits that you will turn yoga into your way of living.

Since we are all stressed and running around doing our daily responsibilities, yoga helps you relax and bring peace and mindfulness to your whole body. However, if you’re a beginner, not all the benefits can come to you immediately. But, even showing up to your first class is the first step towards making your life better and healthier.

So, let’s see what are the best pieces of advice for yoga beginners who want to change their lives.

Decide why you want to do it

There are many different reasons why people decide to do yoga. Some do it for spiritual growth, but some do it to simply maintain good health and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

No matter what your choice is, make sure to get to the appropriate yoga classes, because each reason has different practices and knowledge that is going to be passed down. So be 100 percent sure why you want to start doing it.

Get the equipment

Now that you know your reasons and you have a strong will to start doing yoga, you are going to need some equipment. Yes, you can start doing yoga at home on your rug, but it’s best if you have an instructor to keep an eye on you and a quality mat to support your exercises.

When buying your first yoga mat, you should consider buying a sticky one, because it won’t slip and slide while you’re trying to do all the poses. Also, do a little research on the best and most comfortable clothes for your yoga classes.

You’re going to need something that is stretchy and that absorbs sweat nicely so you can do the poses without feeling any discomfort. You can even consider getting yoga socks so you won’t slip and hurt yourself.

All that and more equipment you can find at GearWeAre and other similar places, and know that you’re getting your money’s worth and that your equipment is going to last and make the whole experience much more pleasant.

Breathing is really important

Breathing exercises are an essential part of practicing yoga. During your practice, you’re not going to be breathing from your lungs; rather, yoga will teach you to engage your core and stomach into breathing which will help you a lot.

Proper breathing will reduce stress and it will oxygenate your body, which will help you progress in yoga and gain more health benefits.

What is more, you can test your yoga success with breathing. If you’re pushing yourself to do a certain pose and you notice that your breath is restricted, you’re doing something wrong.

This is a sign that you should take it slower with a steady flow of breath, and it will increase your awareness and connection.

Make adjustments in your diet

With practicing yoga and mindfulness, you kind of have to change your diet a bit. Yes, you still do need carbs, because you can burn plenty of calories in a single yoga class, but your diet is going to have to be lighter.

The food you eat should contain slow carbs and fiber, so try and eat more oatmeal, grains and fruits and veggies. Your breakfasts should be more substantial and your dinners should become lighter. Also, you should have smaller meals, but you should eat frequently, so eat something light every couple of hours.

However, don’t overeat right before your practice, you can eat something light a couple of hours before. And certainly, don’t go hungry to your practice.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Since you’re a beginner, don’t expect too much of your body. Yoga can be hard, and it takes time and practice to manage to bend your body in each and every position.

So, when you do get to your class, don’t compare yourself to others. You should be focused on you and yourself only. Listen to your body, focus on your mat and don’t pay attention to anyone.

There is no judging when it comes to yoga, and if you keep judging yourself or keep distracting yourself by looking at others, you can only lose focus and end up hurting yourself.

Plus, you won’t manage to be completely at peace and enjoy your experience. Focus, breathe and be present in your experience and every class will become easier and easier.

Final Words

The first advice for yoga is to have a strong will and never give up. It can be tough to master even the beginner level of yoga practice, but with willingness and practice, everything is possible. Be present, mindful and pay attention to your own body and mind, and you will excel and find your peace.