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Important Aspects to Consider When Applying Energy Healing Techniques

Energy healing is energy therapy or energy medicine. Energy healing is all about accepting that you are an energy being. A being that is much more complicated than just a physical body.

A being that exists in multiple dimensions at the same time. After understanding and accepting this, we can then use different techniques to restore the energy flow to the optimum balance across all those dimensions.

The purpose of energy healing is to restore health (mental, physical, and spiritual). Practitioners can utilize many different approaches. Yet, the purpose is the same – to heal.

How Energy Healing Works

The universal life force (or prana) nourishes each part of the body. Every breath we take, every muscle we move and every bite of food we digest involves the activity of prana.

It is this essential force that heals the body when needed. It is also responsible for regulating and supporting the body and all its systems while keeping the whole body vitalized.

This way, the health of our energy systems determines our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. If our energy systems are blocked or disrupted, we are less able to cope with difficult situations, we feel stressed, which in turn has a negative impact on our physical being.

After a while, this leads to illness. If our energy system is balanced, we will be in a better position to deal with circumstances and situations that might otherwise be perceived as stressful.

Energy healing techniques promote healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in the human energy field which permeates and surrounds the body. Improving the flow of energy in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body.

Additionally, energetic healing can also help identify problems before they manifest as disease in the physical and mental body. It brings to our awareness the areas we need to work through and heal in order to bring balance in our lives and maintain vitality and health.

Energy Healing Techniques

Many forms of energy healing therapies already exist and more are being developed all the time. The field of energy healing or “energy work” has a very wide range of techniques.

The reason there are so many different types of energy healing techniques is that every single person has access to the energy we use in energy healing.

For this reason, over the times and ages, spiritual masters and practitioners have found that they can use this same energy in various ways to accomplish the same results of healing the mind, body, and emotions of themselves and other human beings.

In short, everyone has a different energetic makeup and healing will be expressed differently through different people.

Some of the well-known therapies that could fall under the heading of “energy healing” include Pranic Healing, Reiki, Reflexology, Healing Touch, Scalar Energy, Thought Field Therapy, Qigong, Acupuncture, and Tong Ren Therapy.

Some techniques include “attunements.” Reiki, which is probably the most common form of energy healing, has attunements as part of its training.

Reiki attunements are meant to open the student to healing energies, increase alignment with the “universal mind” and make the touch more powerful.

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Important factors to consider when applying energy healing techniques:

#1 Faith

Cultivating certainty that energy healing is capable of correcting a particular disorder.

#2 Skillful Means

The selection of appropriate techniques, the concentration of mind, and the development of direct perception.

#3 Utilization

Constant application of pranic treatments regardless of changing circumstances, when such changes do not entail significant divergences in terms of the causes and manifestations of the disorder.

#4 Resonance

This means a rapport or harmony that can be established between two energies, two consciousnesses, two frequencies, two individuals or two locations. Resonance is nothing more than rapport or harmony in some way.

#5 Focus

Maintaining a refined mental abiding on energy healing, while not allowing any change in one’s attention.

#6 Discernmentenergy healing woman

Maintaining awareness of the condition, its causes, and manifestations.

#7 Patience

Continuous application of energetic treatments, even if an immediate benefit is not apparent.

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#8 Diligence

Application of the energy method in an intense, focused, and unceasing manner, taking the achievement of correction as the true measure of accomplishment.

#9 Applying and Relinquishing

Becoming aware of the health benefits or harm arising from the application of a specific technique. If harm arises, the application should be relinquished. If the benefit arises, the application should continue.

#10 Guarding Precepts

Recognizing how different objective conditions may entail the potential to involve the practitioner or the recipient in moral transgressions, and prioritizing the protection of precepts.

#11 Blocking Obstacles

Refraining from boasting when the application of a particular healing technique is successful, and refraining from generating doubts or slandering a particular type of healing technique when the application is unsuccessful.

Final Thoughts

Energetic healing is an amazing way to connect with your body. If you are stressed, ill, have emotional or physical stuff that won’t go away, or are just curious, I urge you to give it a try! It’s a way to help your body heal and resolve many issues in your life.

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