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Are You An Earth Angel? 13 Signs Of Being An Earth Angel

Heavenly angels are superior beings who were were created with a free-will.

The word “angel” comes from the Greek word “anglos,” which means “messenger” in Hebrew. Many times in the Bible they appeared to people and said, “I have come as a messenger from the Lord.”

Earth Angels, also known as Lightworkers or Incarnated Angels, are different from heavenly angels but have many similarities. One of Earth Angels’ main purposes is to help people during their spiritual awakening process.

List of 13 Signs Of Being An Earth Angel

#1 You Live Life Without Regard For Fame

You do not seek to have your name widely publicized for your achievements. You are happy to live without worldly acknowledgment. 

#2 You Don’t Blindly Accept The Status Quo

By questioning ideas and systems, you may uncover truths that may lead you to another road and open up whole new findings you never imagined were possible before.

#3 You Are A Source Of Advice

The combination of your ability to listen well and to share in others’ feelings makes you an excellent counselor. In addition, you have good problem-solving skills that help you identify negative thought patterns in others.

#4 You’re Highly Empathetic

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Empathy is defined as the ability to detect others’ emotions and understand their perspective.

You feel you naturally absorb the energies of others to a point where you will feel their anxiety, stress, and anger in your body. On the other hand, when you are around happy and positive people, you feed off of them, and that’s when you flourish.

#5 You Balance Self-Interest And The Common Good

A defining quality of an Earth Angel is the ability to look beyond your personal desires.

Magaji Musa Buba said: ”For humanity to achieve her most desirable state of being, we must individually realize our common good obligation to humanity.” This doesn’t mean that Earth Angels are self-sacrificing.

#6 Your Words Are In Harmony With Your Actions

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When your actions don’t match your words, you are out of alignment. But, you understand that the way of an Earth Angel is that you must act on the things you say and make them count for something.

As Mahatma Gandhi said: ”Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.”

#7 You Think Before You Speak

Thinking before you speak is natural for you. Furthermore, it is helping you to avoid causing trouble in your life, whether in your career or in relationships.

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#8 You See Things As They Are

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You are not bogged down by attachment to people and things, extreme desire, resentment, hate, assumptions, or expectations. You know that seeing things as they really are, without illusions, sets you free. 

You also understand the nature of impermanence, including your own, as everyone and everything around is in constant change.

American writer Guy Finley said: ”Be still; quietly remember the presence of and within yourself, and you will know, without thinking, that while all around you everything changes, within you lives something unchanging.”

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#9 You Know How To Say, ”I Could Be Wrong”

You understand that it is impossible to know everything and that life is capable of taking unexpected turns. 

As Australian businessman, Lindsay Fox said, ”Learning by making mistakes and not duplicating them is what life is about.” 

#10 You’re Humble, Even When You’re In A Position Of Authority

You usually shift attention away from yourself and focus on the contributions and needs of those around you.

#11 You Can See Glowing Lights Around People

You see different colored lights around people you come in contact with. Note – every living human has an energy field around them. Other living things, such as animals, flowers, or trees, have an energy field as well.

#12 You Smile

You smile often—not just when things are going well.

#13 You Take Responsibility

You accept the failures and also take responsibility to make positive changes.

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