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What are the Marma Subtle Points of Ayurveda?

Marmas are subtle centers on the body. They are storehouses of life breath pranic energy. Injury to these energy points affects the vitality and health of a person and in the case of some marmas can even prove fatal.

They are not structural organs like heart, liver, kidneys or lungs, but are sensitive areas located at the intersections of the muscles, bones, and nerves.

The knowledge of marma is available in Ayurvedic medicine as well as in Kalaripayattu, Kerala’s martial art form.

In Sanskrit, Marma translates as „secret, mysterious, hidden or mystical.” Another term used for marma points is „varma” points. Varma refers to armor or protective material.

Each Marma relates to a specific Dosha or constitutional type, wind or Vayu, Shrotas (vehiculing channel) and Dhatus (nature of the tissue involved).

These sacred healing points are like switches when smoothly stimulated, bring divine healing energy directly into our bodies. Prana, or divine energy, is the life force which sustains us, which keeps us alive.

These points may also be described as the junctions where Vayu, Kapha, and Pitta meet; where Sattwa, Tamas and Rajas meet, or where relativity and eternity meet. While an ayurvedic healer uses these points to heal, for a warrior the very same energetic spots could be used to harm.

How Many Marma Points Are In The Human Body?

Physically, marma point locations are where bones, tendons, veins, muscles, joints, nerves, and other tissues meet anatomically. Energetically, these centers are extremely subtle points where the divine and physical energetic realms intersect in the human body.

There are 107 subtle points that are mostly used and center 108 is considered the flow of prana throughout the body.

Each point is linked to a precise activity within the mind and body and these subtle points create a network of subtle energetic connection between the organs which promotes better health and a great moment for inner transformation.


It is taught along with Ayurvedic massage and is often used along with Panchakarma therapy, Ayurveda’s special purification, and detoxification approach.

This therapy concentrates on energizing the body to relieve illness due to certain occupations and stress-related diseases.


This specialized healing massage technique is especially useful to detoxify by activating the lymphatic system, to heal damaged tissue, to unblock tension from nerves, joints, and muscles and to facilitate proper flow of prana (energy).

A revitalizing and relaxing therapy, this massage offers a holistic approach as it helps to harmonize mind and body.

Keeping your subtle energetic points clear is one of the oldest secrets for retaining well-being, health, and youthful vitality.

Everyone can benefit from bodywork, and this therapy is so remarkable that most people who experience it find that its effects are more powerful and effective than most traditional Western massage therapies.

A perfect compliment to your yoga practice, a marma healing therapy session can soothe tension that is too deep for yoga poses to reach. It can also increase the healing energy and blood flow to injured parts of your body, as well as opening pranic channels that can deepen your daily meditation experience.

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