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Skin Care as Self Care

We live in an increasingly busy and chaotic world. This leaves many people feeling stressed and suffering from anxiety or depression. It’s important to practice some form of self care to keep yourself mentally and emotionally healthy.

One way you can do this is through your skin care routine. Here’s how you can use skin care as self care:

Pay Attention to Ingredients

Whatever you put into or onto your body will ultimately have an effect on how you feel. When you constantly feed your body junk food and excessive amounts of sugar, you start to put on weight and feel sluggish and bloated. The same principle applies to your skin.

When you use products with cheap, harsh ingredients, your skin can start to feel sensitized, irritated and prone to breakouts. Switch to well-made organic beauty products from a trusted brand like Well Within Beauty.

These skin care products are made from only the highest quality natural ingredients such as plant oils and botanical extracts.

Some of their best selling items include their antioxidant moisturizer, a nourishing blend of avocado, passion flower and acai berry, and their natural makeup remover, which gently yet effectively removes even the most long-wearing waterproof mascara.

Because organic beauty products contain so many nourishing, skin-friendly ingredients, using them is a treat for your senses as well as your skin. They often feel smoother and silkier on your skin, and the natural scent of plants and botanicals can be relaxing.

Establish a Routine

Marie Jihn, a dermatologist at Premier Dermatology in San Carlos, California, says:

“By having a set routine, one knows what to expect, and this is a relief. The more routine it becomes, the less stress it becomes. In the process, you also look better.”

Establish a skin care routine that makes sense and works best for you and your skin type, whether it’s an elaborate 12-step method or a pared-down 3-step method.

Create a pattern and practice it consistently until it becomes a natural part of your daily routine. Doing this will make it a relaxing habit, a chance for you to destress and unwind.

Don’t Rush

Many people rush through their skin care routines in the morning and at the end of the day. To them, it’s just another chore that needs to get done before they focus on other more important things. But nothing is more important that self care.

Taking care of yourself and making sure that you are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy makes you more productive, useful and better able to serve and give more of yourself to the people around you, including your loved ones.

Don’t feel guilty about taking 10-15 minutes to carefully and methodically go through your morning and evening skin care routines. Be mindful and focus on each step as you do it. Focus on giving your skin the tender loving care it deserves.

Having healthy and beautiful skin can give you confidence and boost your self esteem, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best.

Confident people are often more successful because they aren’t held back by fear, doubts or insecurities, and they don’t second guess themselves.

It’s not wrong to want this for yourself, and if looking good and having beautiful skin can help you achieve this, it’s worth spending time on getting your skin care routine properly.

Again, it is never wrong to put your health and well-being first. We all need to find ways to rid ourselves of stress and tend to our mental and emotional health. If skin care is something you enjoy, then by all means use it as your method of self care.