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Relaxing Your Body And Mind – Benefits From A Remedial Massage

Massages are one of the best cost-effective luxuries you can get. They can help you relax and just breathe a little. With a good massage, you can get a lot of tension out, a lot of stress. However, massages can also heal. This is where remedial massages come in.

Namely, a remedial massage a compliment to physical therapy dedicated to healing any knotted, damaged, or tense muscle. Things like bursitis and tendonitis can be fixed up. A good massage can also help with treatment for advanced kyphosis, for example. And finally, they also do wonders for your mind.

So, without further ado, you can further elaboration on the benefits of remedial massages below.

Helps your mind

A remedial massage can serve as a part of emotional and mental therapy as well, and not just as an addendum to just physical rehabilitation.

After a remedial massage, you will have a rarely-felt sense of relief and calm. It’s quite often a part of anxiety treatment programmes, due to the release of endorphins that occurs during a massage.

Furthermore, cortisol and norepinephrine, hormones that induce stress, are reduced greatly. And finally, they indirectly reduce stress even further by mitigating any pain you may feel form a chronic injury or tight muscles.

It will also give you a sense of mental clarity and a feeling of alertness. You will feel almost purified after a good remedial massage. This mental clarity will come about from the release of endorphins and the reduction of stress hormones. Furthermore, the lack of pain and stiffness you may feel during the day will also be gone, leading you to some extra clarity.

Boosts your immune system

Another excellent aspect that you probably did not expect from a massage is that it boosts your immune system. Namely, by decreasing the prevalence of stress hormones inside your body, you will be able to work efficiently. Instead of fighting off the stress, your body will be able to better handle bacteria and viruses.

Furthermore, the massage improves your circulation, and helps with lymphatic drainage, which, again, helps you become healthier and stronger.

Helps with posture

Another great aspect of a massage is that it helps with your posture. Now, you can visit a good physiotherapist and rehabilitation office, like Movement 101 for example, if you have more serious issues.

Scoliosis, or advanced kyphosis and lordosis need professional treatment. However, if you just poor posture, a massage will do wonders.

We have a lot of tension in our necks and in our shoulders that ruin our posture. We also build up this tension with our poor postures, creating a kind of negative feedback loop that just perpetuates neck and back pain. A massage can help lengthen and relax these muscles, allowing you to improve the way you carry yourself.

Assists with joint and muscle pain and aches

A good remedial massage will release trigger points, as well as stretching out your muscles. A good therapist will notice what areas are causing you the most trouble, and can figure out on his or her own whether it’s stiff, hurt, or just sore. Furthermore, a massage will increase blood flow to a certain area, getting more oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood into the right place. The warmth you feel from this will also just feel amazing.

Furthermore, a massage will release any muscular tension you may have around your joints. This will then lead to an increase in the range of motion of your joints, improving your mobility. This same tension directed at your joints can cause joint pain. By releasing it, you may experience a release in pain as well.

Breaks a vicious cycle

Every part of our bodies is connected with another part. This, in turn, means that you may, for example, get tension headaches because you have a stiff neck. You may have a stiff neck because you’re clenching your jaw all the time. You may be clenching your jaw because you have lower back pain, or the stress caused by this.

And if your lower back pain is caused by tightness in your hip flexors, well, releasing that tightness will heal your headaches, and save your teeth.

They can also break another vicious cycle. Namely, when you get injured, you get something of a disbalance in your body – some muscles become weaker during the healing process, other parts become tighter and shorter.

These tight, short muscles can then cause a new, specific kind of injury once you finished rehab. With a massage, you can get these muscles relaxed, and get back to your favorite hobby in no time.


And there you have it folks, some benefits of getting a good remedial massage. Whether it’s fixing your posture and saving you from back pain, or perhaps keeping your stress levels at bay, a remedial massage will do wonders.

You can have an injury healed much more quickly and efficiently when you’re backed up with a remedial massage. You will also break a vicious cycle of pain, and may experience an improvement in your immune system.