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Pros and cons of the Bioimis diet

Bioimis, the most innovative personalized nutritional program present in Italy since 2010, has also arrived in our country!

Bioimis, as evidenced by over 35 thousand customers, turns out to be not only one of the most effective methods for losing weight, but, unlike traditional diets, allows you to maintain the results achieved over time.

How does the Bioimis diet work?

Unlike other weight-loss diets, the Bioimis Program works without the need to limit the quantities of food consumed during meals.

Calories, in fact, are not taken into consideration in this case, but instead the properties of food and the reaction they have at a biochemical level on each individual matter.

According to the Bioimis method, and the biologists, nutritionists, and doctors who make up its Scientific Staff, it is necessary to act through a personalized diet based on the needs of each individual and on the basis of the individual response to the food taken.

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A personalized and different diet for everyone

During the Bioimis diet customers will receive personalized menus based on their goals and food preferences that they can eat to their fill without worrying about portions The program is divided into two parts: 1. the first phase is the one dedicated to weight loss 2. the second phase includes several steps where users begin to manage their meals independently.

THE PROS of the Bioimis diet

  • The program is very effective in fact by following the proposed menus and Bioimis advice it is possible to lose from 4 to 10 kg per month.
  • The fact of not having to weigh food and count calories makes the diet less frustrating and the visible results immediately are an important motivation for users to continue their path.
  • It is good that each person learns about their body and how to combine foods to avoid regaining the lost pounds and to feel well.
  • As demonstrated by the research data published on the Bioimis website and by thousands of testimonials released by customers, the program is safe and continuously updated on the basis of the latest discoveries in the field of biochemistry.
  • The most important aspect is that it is a path including several phases and in addition to weight loss, it aims above all at maintaining results.
  • A healthy and correct diet such as that proposed by Bioimis also allows for real prevention against many pathologies that a correct intake of macro and micronutrients is able to prevent.

CONS of the Bioimis diet

  • If you are looking for shortcuts with chemicals that promise miracles, or the “7 day diet”; after which you will have lost only a few pounds of muscle mass, which you will recover with interest in the following months, this is not right the program for you.

To lose weight in a healthy way, you just have to find out more about the Bioimis diet by going to

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