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Can Chiropractic Boost Your Athletic Results

Chiropractic treatment has been around for a long time and a lot of people use their services for a variety of purposes. Even though the main purpose is alleviating joint pain, chiropractic can do a lot more.

One of the things which people have been using it for is improving the physical fitness of athletes. In fact, the US Olympic medical team has a resident chiropractor and it has for almost 40 years now.

Experts at Fix Body Group explain how chiropractic treatment can actually benefit athletes and help them reach peak performance.

How Common Is It

Even though there is no official record, it is estimated that a vast majority of top tier athletes use the services of a chiropractor either regularly or occasionally. Some estimates put this number at over 90%, but, again, it has not been confirmed.

Injury Prevention

This is one of the primary reasons any athlete uses chiropractic treatment. The athlete’s body is their money maker. That means that they need to ensure that it performs at the highest level for as long as possible.

Getting injured can put the athlete out of commission for a long time, or even end their career. That’s why they use chiropractors, among other things, to bolster their body’s resistance to injuries.

Injury Recovery

A chiropractic adjustment is a great way to help the body heal after an injury. Simply put, when everything is in its place, your body can stop wasting resources on trying to fix that problem, and can delegate those resources to actually recovering from the injury.

What’s more, the athlete can start building up strength and endurance much sooner if they undergo chiropractic treatment, meaning that the athlete can start their full recovery sooner.


Most sports out there require a keen hand to eye coordination, especially ball sports. Experts at Palmer College of Chiropractic have shown in a study that an extensive chiropractic treatment of 3 months can have a dramatic effect on coordination. They measured a 30% increase.

Coordination is not the only unexpected benefit of chiropractic. It has been shown that chiropractors can help with a number of issues, including asthma, ADHD, headaches, and chronic inflammation of the sinuses.


Another very important feature of a top athlete is flexibility. It determines how nimble they will be, as well as their endurance and that is important for a variety of sports and athletes.

However, the body’s flexibility can be compromised by overuse, old injuries, and even bad posture. However, there are clear benefits to having chiropractic treatment to treat these issues in order to prevent any setbacks in the flexibility department.

Motion Range

If you have ever had an injury that prevented you from moving your arm or your leg in the full range of motion you used to, chances are you went to physical therapy or you visited a chiropractor. It’s the same for athletes.

Athletes need to rely on their bodies and they need the full range of motion their limbs can give them. Some athletes resort to chiropractic treatment even if they have not sustained injuries, nor experienced a drop in their range of motion, but rather as a precaution measure.

As you can see, a variety of athletes use chiropractic treatment for a variety of purposes. Not only does it help them recover from injuries faster, but it also helps prevent injuries by bolstering the functionality of the musculoskeletal system, and the organism as a whole.

Naturally, that is not the only thing they do to reach and maintain peak performance, but it does have a big role to play in their lives.