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Body Conditions and Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a well-celebrated condition in most of the times; you know it is not always. However, especially for married couples, pregnancy should be good news. But are you aware that some pregnancies have led to separation and divorce? It causes hormonal changes in the body which can cause the woman to develop a strong liking or dislike about something.

In other instances it can cause the stress levels to rise due to physical and emotional changes, some ladies can do anything to maintain their figure 8. So, if something happens that tries to distort that, their heads can really spin. Stress is also a common killer of relationships.

However, in all, pregnancy is something worth celebrating or being proud of and thus if you are experiencing prolonged bad moods, or as a man, you notice bizarre behaviors in your pregnant woman, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

What if you are not sure that you are Pregnant?

In early stages, this is quite understandable since the signs and symptoms of pregnancy are not physical or visible. However, as the pregnancy progresses, the signs become more visible to the point that even a kid will tell that you are pregnant.

If you have one of the slightest cause to suspect that you are pregnant, take a pregnancy test. Some of them like the first response pregnancy test are 99% accurate. Hardly will a pregnancy test give false results though it happens in rare cases. The placenta produces the HCG hormone that confirms pregnancy; it only appears if there is fertilization and implantation of the fertilized egg.

There are other methods to use before the tummy becomes big. A missed period is one of them, check whether you have skipped your periods. If so, there is likelihood you got pregnant. Another one that comes even before the periods’ time is swollen or tender breasts. You can also feel nausea and fatigue.

What are the Changes in Body Condition during Pregnancy?

A full-term pregnancy passes through three stages

  • The first trimester – First to the 12th week
  • Second trimester – Thirteenth to the 27th week
  • The third trimester – Twentieth to the 40th week

During the span of this period, a lot happens within the body which causes a lot of physical and emotional changes.

Some of These Changes and Conditions Include:

First, these are almost endless since there are some that can be very particular to some individuals. However, the majority of the people experience the following;

Slight vaginal bleed: When the fertilized egg tries to attach to the lining of the uterus, there is likely to occur some bleeding. While the uterus is preparing to hold the egg, it forms a thick layer which is rich in nutrients and blood flow. Thus a small piercing in it will cause some bleeding. Therefore, nothing to worry about that, either if you get it or you don’t

Your private parts will also give some alarms; your nipples become darker and sensitive, the breast becomes enlarged and firm. You will even feel some heaviness in the pelvic region

Nausea and sensitivity to smell: A majority of the women almost believe that pregnancy and vomiting are inseparable. This depends on a particular individual. Pregnancy makes your smell sensing organs to be extra alert to avoid exposing the baby to bad air. But the body can take it to extreme levels where you will not be able to tolerate even some food smells.

Weight gain: Don’t be alarmed by this, it happens automatically. But obviously, don’t eat pizzas and ice cream every day. Your breasts increase in size; a plus, the placenta has its weight, the amniotic fluid, the baby weight too. Even your own body is keeping a reserve of fat for emergencies. All these will be a considerable addition to your weight.

Fatigue and even breathlessness: The upper body is divided into two parts, the abdomen, and the chest region. The boundary is the diaphragm. As the pregnancy grows, it is easier to push the diaphragm up and this reduces the lung capacity. Sometimes when the baby is stretching, you can even experience breathlessness.

Increased circulatory functions: Your body knows you will lose blood during pregnancy. If it does not add the capacity of the ordinary 5 liters majority of the peoples have, what will be left after delivery? As such it adds at least 2 liters of blood. This puts pressure on every organ that deals with blood, heart rate increases since it has more to pump,

Hormonal changes: Now you have another life you are nurturing, and the body does everything possible to maximize the chances of the fetus surviving the whole term. This is mostly done through hormones. Some of these hormones will make you feel depressed, excited, temperament, etc. having two people in one is a real battle; after you become independent at birth, everything will ease.

Stress: “This can skyrocket if you are not careful.” During pregnancy you have so much to care about, on top of your regular life issues; you are wondering whether you are eating healthy if you will have a normal or cesarean delivery, health status of your baby? You are even thinking of the best name you will give your baby.

Not to mention if it is your first pregnancy, you are wondering whether you will ever come back to shape. Your anxiety level really rises. All these directed toward a single brain can be overwhelming. It can even trigger you to seek isolation so that you can have time to think about all these things, don’t do it! If symptoms persist, seek medical advice and counseling.

Others include; varicose veins, constipation, hemorrhoids, stretch marks, swelling of feet and many more. The list is long! No worry, “don’t pity yourself,” the battle is worth fighting; furthermore, it is for a season.

There is no Silly Question in Pregnancy

With all those changes and conditions as discussed above, it might be hard to know what is normal and what a threat is. The only sure way is to ask whatever you think is worth asking. Don’t be shy about anything; there are others who have walked the same path you are on, and they know a lot.

Talk to close friends, relatives, your mother, mother in law. Above all, attend clinics and seek medical help on most of the contentious issues. The un-trained counselors can be confusing; everybody can have his/her theory. Don’t make yourself a playing ground and seek advice from relevant sources only. Or do you want to play around with the life of your child?