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Best Stress Relief Games – TOP 5

Stress is a real problem that haunts us at every turn – at work, in public transport, or simply on the street. Literally, at any moment, something can go wrong, throwing you off balance and causing emotional tension. Are there ways to quickly relax and overcome stress?

Today, we will talk about an accessible method of combating stress – games. Our selection includes smartphone games, so you can play them literally anywhere and anytime to experience the desired relief.

Online Slots

One of the most effective ways to combat stress is through various casino games. By experiencing a sense of excitement, you relax, and if you manage to form a winning combination and receive a prize – you can even activate pleasure centers in your brain. Modern casinos offer players a large list of diverse games that differ in themes, rules, bet sizes, and other parameters.

Moreover, these games can be easily played on your smartphone. Casinos adapt their websites for mobile devices, and as a result, slots run directly in the browser and have a convenient layout for comfortable gaming. An important point before launching any casino slots is to learn how to gamble safely online.

My Oasis

My Oasis is an excellent way to combat stress. If you don’t have time for meditation but have a smartphone in your hands, you can effectively deal with stress through the relaxing game My Oasis. Before you, there will be a lifeless island that needs to be transformed into a real oasis. You can interact with the environment, improve various elements, play mini-games, and complete tasks as you progress through the storyline.

The game features pleasant and relaxing sound effects, a very smooth gameplay, making it an excellent choice for stress relief. Just launch it on your smartphone and enjoy the oasis you create with your own hands.

The game also has simple controls, so even if you’re not a avid mobile gamer, it won’t be difficult to navigate. Tap on the necessary elements on the screen and watch as your island grows, new animals, characters, and much more emerge.


As is clear from the title, the game is created specifically to help you cope with stress. If you enjoy plotless games, Antistress will doubly appeal to you. There’s no need to hurry anywhere; just connect the water lines on the screen with each other.

This monotonous activity is genuinely relaxing and calming. But the available activities in the game don’t end there. You can take a piece of chalk and draw something on the board, leave patterns in the sand, or simply squeeze toothpaste out of the tube. In simple terms, every player will surely find a way to deal with stress and tension through this game.

The gameplay is complemented by pleasant musical accompaniment, and there is also haptic feedback when pressing the screen. The list of relaxing games includes more than 50 ways to spend time. The developer adds new games literally every week.

You can download the app on your iPhone and play for free. Some mini-games need to be purchased, but even without them, you will definitely find something to do.

Grand Mountain Adventureski

Before you is a skiing sports simulator, but don’t rush to stop reading and move on to the description of the next game, because it’s also an excellent way to relax and forget about all the problems. The essence is simple – you descend from a ski slope, overcoming various obstacles that may come your way. If you want variety, perform various tricks.

It’s worth noting that performing tricks may be challenging for you during the first launch of the game. But after a few minutes of the gaming session, you will definitely understand how this mechanic works and what you need to press on the screen for your athlete to perform a certain acrobatic element.

To complete the game entirely, you will need to successfully navigate through 100 routes, and as you progress, they will become more challenging with the help of various elements. At the same time, the game developers assure that even an unprepared gamer will handle all 100 levels without any major problems – completing the entire game will take about 20 hours.

If necessary, you can connect a game controller to your smartphone to make playing even more comfortable. It doesn’t have to be an expensive device – a joystick with basic functions will suffice. If you read the reviews, controlling the game character is much easier with a connected gamepad.


The game that seems simple at first glance will captivate you, fully occupying your thoughts and helping you forget about stress. The essence of the game is to arrange cubes hanging on a rope on a horizontal platform. It may seem like there’s nothing complicated about it.

However, with each new round, the cubes will increase in size, while the size of the platform, on the contrary, will start to decrease. On the latest levels, the task of getting the cube onto the platform may seem downright daunting. 

But no one is rushing you anywhere—think through each of your next moves and don’t hurry to achieve the best result. We’ll tell you right away—initially, you’ll need some time to get the hang of it, to adapt to the game mechanics, and then everything will work automatically.

The game has over 120 levels, with the developer constantly adding new ones, so there will always be something to do. The game includes in-app purchases, but they are not mandatory, so you can play absolutely for free.


All the games on our list will help you cope with stress. Most often, they have an element of distraction—you focus on completing a certain task and end up forgetting about the problems that made you nervous and uncomfortable.