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Yemaya Assessu Mantra – Where the River Joins the Sea

Yemaya Assessu Mantra Lyrics

”Yemaya Assessu,

Assessu yemaya

Yemaya olodo,

Olodo yemaya.”

Yemaya Assessu – Translation

”A celebration of the moment when the river meets the ocean.

Yemaya is the Goddess of the ocean and the mother of all Goddesses.”

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Mantra Meaning

This healing mantra is from Mother Africa. She is the Goddess of the Sea from whom all the other humans and gods come. 

The Goddess is very protective and caring.

Assessu is the Gushing Spring and Yemaya means the Ocean of Life. Envision the 2 uniting – the river flowing into the sea – the flow of consciousness meeting the ocean of Universal Being.

If you hear this chant sung – olk it is as much as close as words can get to the beauty and bliss of the genuine thing.

Her domain is the top layer of the sea which is viewed as the womb of life where life on earth was created.

Legend has it that when her uterine broke, the water caused an immense flood on the Earth that created the Ocean and the first Woman and Man were her children.

Without Goddess Yemaya, life on earth wouldn’t be possible. 

With Her, there is hope.

The Goddess is viewed as the ultimate female power, and her male counterpart is Olukun, whose realm is that of the deep ocean and signifies wealth, infinite knowledge, and untold treasures.

It is said that without Olukun, much of Goddess Yemaya’s power would not be known.

The Goddess is often called “Sirena” and depicted as a beautiful black woman at the seaside or a double-tailed mermaid wearing a long flowing dress, cinched by a wide belt with seven skirts with blue and white ruffles, which represent the waves in the ocean and the seven Seas.

She loves watermelons, as well as other sweet tropical fruits, and molasses.

Her festival day is September 7, and there are massive ceremonies and celebrations around the globe in her praise.

Herbs and plants that she favors are – marjoram, parsley, cilantro, watercress, lettuce, aloe vera, ferns, violets, vervains, and lotuses.

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