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12 Reasons You Have Negative Energy

List Of 12 Reasons You Have Negative Energy:

#1 Blaming

We need to feel in control of our lives in order to be happy. That is why blaming is so incompatible with happiness.

When you blame circumstances or other people for the bad things that happen to you, you have decided that you have no control over your life, which is terrible for your mood.

#2 You Can’t Seem To Get Any Sleepdeam sleep

If you’re feeling bored and anxious, it makes sense that you might have trouble sleeping.

Thus, take note if you’re lying awake till all hours feeling stuck, freaked out, or worried about the future.

#3 You’re Not Engaged In A Gratitude Practice

Gratitude can take us out of miserable thoughts, at least temporarily, as it forces us to feel blessed for a moment.

By engaging in a regular gratitude practice, you can focus your attention on what you have that you commonly take for granted, such as – living in a safe town or your ability to drive or even have access to clean water.

There are so many methods you can partake in a gratitude practice, such as going for a gratitude walk or keeping a gratitude journal.

Also, I find that including why I’m grateful helps me feel even more gratitude than simply writing a list.

For instance – I’m grateful for my bed since it is comfortable and allows me to feel rested, so I can have a happy and productive day.

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#4 You Are Lonely

We are naturally social creatures, and nurturing relationships make up a large part of life.

If you find yourself depressed and alone on a Saturday night, make an effort to change it.

Finding friendships will certainly improve your enthusiasm for what each day brings.

How do you find good friends?

Seek out social settings with individuals who share similar beliefs and interests to build a common foundation and launch a great relationship.

In addition, reach out, smile, and be genuinely interested in others.

You will be surprised how far this will get you in building life-long connections.

#5 You Keep Falling Into The Same Patterns

Are you constantly getting hired for the same crappy jobs, dating the same horrible guy, or falling off the healthy lifestyle wagon at the same time each year?

Is your life starting to feel like the movie Groundhog Day?

The fact that you aren’t learning from this and doing something different is most likely driving you crazy.

Stop believing your own sad story that this is just who you are and that you always do this.

Important tip – you are 100 percent in control of your own choices and can decide to do things differently.

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#6 You Live Your Life Based On Other People’s Opinions

Tossing aside your own inner guide and intuition to follow what other people (especially family and friends) think you should do is a recipe for feeling like crap.

Once you take responsibility for making your own choices, you will feel so much better, even if you are making mistakes.

#7 You Don’t Spend Enough Time Outdoorsmeditate in nature

Did you know that multiple studies have established that spending time in nature can make you feel significantly happier?

Even 2 hours out in nature can leave you feeling happier.

In addition, a 2017 study done at Harvard concluded that a 90-minute walk in nature lowers activity in the part of the brain linked to negative rumination.

Therefore, if you haven’t spent much time outdoors lately and are feeling down, go find a wooded area or a nice park, and just relax for a few hours and see how you feel.

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#8 You Feel Anxious For Seemingly No Reason

If your life is presently less than ideal, your body might give you a hint with an annoying case of anxiety.

For instance, you may have feelings of impending doom, chest pain, shortness of breath, or a pounding heart.

If you can’t shake the feeling that something’s wrong, it’s probably high time to shake things up.

#9 You Hold Grudges

When you are holding a grudge, you are harming yourself by carrying all of that negative energy.

Also, holding a grudge has about the same logic as drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

For your own benefit, let the bitterness go.

While you waste your life sending them death rays with your mind, the person who criticized you is most likely having a great time without giving you a second thought.

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#10 Comparing Your Own Life To The Lives People Portray On Social Media

The Happiness Research Institute conducted a ”Facebook Experiment” to establish how our social media habits affect our happiness.

Fifty percent of the study’s participants kept using Facebook as they typically would, while the other fifty percent stayed off Facebook for seven days.

At the end of the seven days, the study participants who stayed off Facebook reported lower levels of loneliness and sadness and a notably higher degree of satisfaction with their lives.

Note – the thing to remember about social media, in general, is that they rarely represent reality.

For instance, Facebook and Instagram provide a color-enhanced look at the lives people want to portray.

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#11 Your Self-Worth Is Low

Self-worth is a combination of three things:

  • the status of your relationships;
  • alignment with your life purpose;
  • our societal contributions.

Most of the depressed people are lacking in one of those areas.

Self-worth cannot be faked, but it comes from believing in your right to be alive and enjoy life.

You get this feeling from excelling at something you love and building relationships.

#12 Blaming Yourself For Things You Can’t Control

Children who are victims of abusive parents, for example, frequently believe that if only they had done x, y, or z, their family would have been just fine. 

But, realizing that you are helpless in a situation can typically be more terrifying than the false belief that you are in control.

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