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Meditation for Emotional Healing – Self Healing Meditation

Painful experiences of life, starting from childhood (in fact, they are the foundation of all the pain that we carry, more or less aware, during our lifetime) breathe with us every moment, but we don’t know that.

Emotional pain is a sign that we are less aware of our soul’s message, that we avoid ourselves and have difficulties accepting the fact that we have become lost somewhere on our path.

The mere fact that we are extremely busy and involved in the world’s affairs, that we always seek distractions, turning on the radio or TV, the fact that we are always in a hurry to various activities and entertainment, holidays and so on, could be a sign that we are trying to escape that something within ourselves that … “hurts”.

There are people that insist to get an appointment and when the wonderful meeting occurs, they begin to play with their mobile phones or speak incessantly with various others.

If you can not sit in the present moment, the here and the now, whenever that is, if you always want something else or someone else in your life, if you can not bear the silence or solitude, and a room without a radio or TV turned on scares you, if you are always busy doing something, even if it’s not much to do, then maybe you are running away from pain, you don’t want to acknowledge it and feel it, you don’t want to know its content and message.

Sometimes emotional pain manifests as a headache, various physical disorders, which encourage you to suppress them by excessive consumption of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, and even food.

Pain is disguised as some of the most common problems of life, but in fact its purpose is to tell us something about ourselves and to show us that certain something that we run away from and avoid facing, choosing to suppress it and destroy it instead, all because we lack the ability to comprehend its occurrence.

Unfortunately, the painful emotion insists and persists and, ultimately, whether we like it or not, it forces us to recognize it.

Method Of A Meditation For Emotional Healing:

“Retire to your room and simply stand still, silent, without feeling any anger against the person who caused this unpleasant state of mind (when a person gets us angry, she is, in fact, activating a latent pain that we already carry inside), but fully aware of the feeling that rises within you – the feeling of pain, the fact that you were rejected or insulted.

You will be surprised to discover by your side not only the person who offended you but all the people who have”, said Osho in his book – “The Art of Ecstasy.”

In other words, sit alone, in complete silence and tranquility, away from the world and just feel the pain that the world has created.

It’s enough to be aware of the emotional pain, to know exactly what you are feeling, to let this state pass through you, so that you can release it and finally feel liberated.

“Silence is a source of great strength.” – Lao Tzu

Meditation on the feeling of pain doesn’t suppress it, but allows us to feel it, experience it and, thereby, release it. Even if facing the pain is a difficult process, accepted pain heals the mind and soul, and also can bring inspiration and spiritual guidance.