The Health Benefits of CBD Massages

CBD oil is used in many products, from tinctures to gummies and beyond. It can also be found in topical products like massage oils, lotions, and more. Why would anyone want to include CBD-based products in their massage regimen?

CBD is one of 113 Cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, but it’s neither psychoactive (like THC) nor addictive. It’s safe to use, has little to no side effects, and is often more affordable than its alternatives for managing things like pain. Here are some health benefits of CBD massages.

Reduced Anxiety

CBD oil has been found to be effective at reducing anxiety and stress in both clinical trials and everyday use. Thousands of people can attest to the effectiveness of the compound as the CBD industry continues to explode following the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018.

This new legislation decriminalized hemp and CBD, provided they meet certain criteria (usually containing less than 0.3% THC).

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which affects things like appetite, mood, and more.

With so many bodily processes connected to the ECS, CBD’s uses are widespread. Using it in a massage regimen can help calm your mind, clear up brain fog, and give you an overall sense of relaxation that a normal massage simply can’t achieve.

Healthier Skinwoman getting a massage on her face

People who buy CBD oil on a regular basis have reported that it improves skin health, and there seems to be some research to back up this claim. CBD is excellent for acne and helps make the skin soft. Not to mention, it’s absorbed through the skin to the body, and from there, it can aid in other processes as well.

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The skin is the body’s largest organ, as well as one of the most important. It’s the frontline defense for the body, keeping out bacteria, pathogens, and all manner of unwelcome visitors. Keeping your skin healthy is definitely a priority, and CBD oil can help.

Next time you go in for a massage, ask about CBD options. The anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties of the compound will leave you feeling like a new person once your massage is over!


Did we mention anti-aging? CBD oil seems to have anti-aging effects on the skin, though the available research is still in its infancy. That hasn’t stopped millions from using it for this purpose, and it does seem to work by reducing wrinkles and inflammation that give that aged look.

Using CBD oil on your face can help with crow’s feet as well as wrinkles under the eyes, nose, and chin. There are some people who’ve even replaced their after-shower lotion with CBD topicals instead. It’s believed to help with sleep as well!

Better Relaxation ExperienceBeautiful Woman Getting Massage

Sure, you can get a regular massage, but you won’t get as potent a relaxation experience as you would with CBD topicals or massage oil.

CBD is incredibly effective at helping both the mind and the body relax for the ultimate massage experience. It’s important to note that the rules about CBD vary from state to state, so if you’re looking for CBD massage in your area, check state regulations first.

CBD is legal at the federal level, so you won’t have to worry about the DEA kicking in your massage therapist’s door.

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Pain and Inflammation

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 US adults suffers from a chronic pain condition. These can be inconvenient at their best and debilitating at their worst. Often, the cause behind chronic pain is inflammation of joints, muscles, or other bodily structures. Luckily, CBD oil can combat both of these issues effectively.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and people with conditions like arthritis have taken notice.

It’s no secret that the cannabis plant offers a natural pain remedy, but not everyone is looking for the “high” that comes with using THC (not to mention, THC/marijuana is still illegal!). CBD is the perfect alternative, offering similar benefits along with a few of its own, while not carrying any psychoactive properties.

Cancer patients have also found that CBD products help reduce the pain associated with their symptoms. Cancer can be a devastating illness, and chronic pain is nothing new to cancer patients.

Having an all-natural remedy for that pain in the form of CBD means safer pain management techniques, no risk of addiction to opioid-based painkillers, and easier access to pain management tools.

Get A Massage!

Still skeptical about a CBD massage? The only way to really know if it’s as great as we say it is is to go get one for yourself! Check your local massage therapists and see if they offer any CBD-based massage packages.

Be sure to check with your state regulations as well to ensure CBD doesn’t fall under any special rules in your state.

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