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How Does Alcohol Addiction Differ Between Men And Women

Alcohol addiction differs between men and women in very fundamental ways, and you have to be prepared to help yourself or someone else with some research that will help you.

You need to remember that you could fall into a few different categories of addiction, and it is normal for people to cross over from one to another. You want to look over each one so that you know where you stand.

#1 Filling A Void

Men will fill a void in many ways, but they might want to drink because that is easy. Women do the same thing, but they often replace intimacy in their life with alcohol. A man is drinking to get drunk because he does not want to feel things, but women will drink because they want all their emotions to come to the surface.

This is a big difference between men and women that will be much more obvious if you think about how and why you are drinking.

#2 The Setting

The setting for drinking is a big change for men and women. You will notice that men drink alone because they think that being solitary is natural and normal.

Women will often drink in groups, but they will drink so much that they are severely addicted. These women often do not notice because they might all be a little drunk, but a problem drinker is someone who will get very drunk very fast and make it hard for the people around them to avoid the elephant in the room.

#3 Liver Damage

Men damage their liver much faster, but women could have the worst damage if they have very small bodies and no fat on them. Women might get drunk faster, and that could stop them from drinking so much that they are very sick from it.

This means that a man could damage his body a lot because he is drinking so much, and he could prolong his alcohol abuse into other stupid things that would be even worse for him.

#4 Counseling

Women might go to therapy because it does not scare them, but they might not tell all. Men will use drinking as their therapy, and that could be a pretty big problem for someone who is trying to get past their problems.

They never deal with them, but they avoid these problems in different ways. You have to look at why you are drinking because that could tell you a lot about how to fix your problems when you want to stop. allows you to begin research into addictions for ladies and men. You must be certain that you know the difference, and you could learn a lot about addiction just by reading and learning what could be done to help you.

This is a very good thing for you to do now to help yourself or someone that you love. You need to have a good place to start when researching addictions. You must be careful to check yourself, look at your behaviors, and remember that it is right to ask for help.