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5 Ways to Enjoy the Benefits of Cannabis

The potential growth of the cannabis industry is impressive, with economists estimating a compounding growth rate of 14.2% from this year until 2030.

This steady increase is significant, considering the numerous barriers to cannabis legalization in many parts of the world. The shift in attitudes towards cannabis has been remarkable.

From being considered a vice best kept hidden in the shadows, it is now accepted as a viable therapeutic option and recreational drug. More research is needed despite the increasing popularity and benefits of cannabis. Below are some of the best ways to enjoy cannabis:

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is one of the most recent entries into the cannabis market and is usually used in the CBD form. It is a versatile product from the plant that has multiple benefits that make it an ideal option for people looking for certain types of relief.

Hemp oil is a perfect choice for managing depression and anxiety, such as PTSD patients, or those with OCD. It is also effective in pain relief for patients with chronic pain from conditions like arthritis. It has also effectively treated some skin conditions like eczema and acne.


Tinctures are probably the oldest form of cannabis intake on this list, dating back thousands of years.

Healers used tinctures to create medicines from herbs that were easier to administer since they could be ingested. Tinctures usually require that the herb sits in alcohol for a long time as the chemicals in the plant are absorbed by the alcohol.

Cannabis tinctures are typically administered sublingually and are a discreet way to partake without drawing any attention to yourself, but you have to be cautious about the concentration in the tincture. High concentrations of tinctures with THC may induce significant psychoactive effects that affect your behavior if you use them publicly.

Delta-8 THC Pre-rolls

Delta-8 THC is a form of cannabis extracted from the full spectrum plant and is less potent than Delta-9 THC.

Delta-8 is less likely to induce the psychotic effects that come with Delta-9 THC. Smoking pre-rolls is how to get the best and fastest effects from this form of THC. According to Secret Nature CBD, taking enough Delta-8 can get relatively high, but you are less likely to experience paranoia, grogginess, and anxiety. The best providers usually derive this form from organic flowers and do not add any additives to the pre-rolls.

CBD Gummies

Another CBD option that is also gaining traction among people who are trying to experiment with cannabis is gummies. Gummies usually take on various forms indicated on the labels, each with a different outcome.

The best option for someone who wants to start trying out cannabis products without dealing with the high is CBD isolate gummies. If you want an entourage effect that usually comes from combining all the cannabinoids, then broad-spectrum CBD is the way to go. Full spectrum CBD includes all cannabinoids and THC, which generally means the full high effect and is a common choice for seasoned enthusiasts.


Vapes are probably the one type of cannabis that is more popularized in music and pop culture than any other. The vapes usually heat flowers or oil or other forms of THC concentrate to certain temperatures vaporizing them.

You then inhale the vapor, which has much less carbon than if you were to smoke it. Vaporizers are also much less conspicuous than smoking a joint and have the appeal of the class. The vaporizers come in several forms, including tabletop, portable, and vape pens.

Since the legalization of cannabis, its usage is constantly changing. This is paving the way for more research. With products like hemp oil for various uses and other intake methods with enough range from starters and enthusiastic, seasoned users, the possibilities are still growing. With older techniques like tinctures meeting newer forms of intake like vapes, discovering the method that works for you can be an adventure.