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Tumi Bhaja re Mana Mantra (Mantra of Love) – Meaning, Translation, Complete Lyrics


Tumi Bhaja re Mana Mantra meaning/translation in English:

Oh mind, my dear friend,
Always chant the name of the Divine,
Always repeat God’s name.

This chant is Bhajan (a devotional Hindu song expressing love for the Divine).

It can be a mantra or kirtan (chanting performed in India’s bhakti devotional traditions with the accompaniment of instruments).

Bhakti yoga is a spiritual path (one of the four main yogic paths), is the easiest of all to master because it doesn’t involve extensive yogic practices.

“There is no vow like chanting the divine names, no knowledge superior to it, no meditation which comes anywhere near it, and it gives the highest result. No penance is equal to it, and nothing is as potent or powerful as the divine name.


Chanting is the greatest act of piety and the supreme refuge.

Even the words of the Vedas do not possess sufficient power to describe its magnitude. Chanting is the highest path to liberation, peace, and eternal life.

It is the pinnacle of devotion, the heart’s joyous proclivity and attraction, and the best form of remembrance of the Supreme Being” – quote from Adipurana, about the benefits of chanting mantras, like Tumi Bhaja re Mana Mantra.

Bhakti yoga is based on the doctrine “Love is God and God is Love.”

Meher Baba (25 February 1894 – 31 January 1969), an Indian spiritual teacher, explained: “Out of a number of practices which lead to the ultimate goal of humanity – God-Realization – Bhakti Yoga is one of the most important. Almost the whole of humanity is concerned with Bhakti Yoga, which, in simple words, means the art of worship.

But it must be understood in all its true aspects and not merely in a narrow and shallow sense, in which the term is commonly used and interpreted. The profound worship based on the high ideals of philosophy and spirituality, prompted by divine love, doubtless constitutes true Bhakti Yoga.”

This video contains The Mantra of Love interpreted by Manish Vyas from the album Sattva. 

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