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Tumare Darshan Mantra Lyrics In Sanskrit


„Tumare Darshan Ki bela
Ye mausam ras rachane ka.
Liye ullas ki sanse
Samai masti me jine ka.”

Tumare Darshan Mantra – Translation in English:

„The season has arrived where
I will finally see you and dance with you.
With the breathing in of joy, it is time to live in bliss.”

The song expresses immense gratitude and celebrates the gift of being in the presence of an enlightened one.

This mantra is written by Manish Vyas and Yashwant Deo, originally sung by Deva Premal.

More Information

The ancient science of mantra is based on the knowledge that a sound is a form of energy. The words of a mantra produce the sound which allows you to feel at one with the entire creation.

More importantly, by combining breath, sound, physical posture, mental concentration, and rhythm, mantra meditation channels the flow of energy through the mind-body circuit and facilitates the flow of prana.

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