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Sherab Chamma Heart Mantra – The Wisdom Loving Mother

Sherab Chamma Heart Mantra lyrics:
”Om Ma-Wa Ma-De Ma-Hi Mo-Ha E Ma Ho Ma-Ye Ru-Pa Ye-Ta Du-Du So-Ha.”

Sherab Chamma, also called in the Tibetan language “Thugje Chamma” (The Great Wisdom Loving Mother), is considered in the Bon tradition to be the Gyalyum, the mother of all Buddhas.

The Loving Mother embodies the divine feminine energy of boundless love and compassion.

She is known as Sa Trik Er Sang in the ancient Zhang Zhung language, Sherab Chamma in the Tibetan Bon tradition, and as Tara in Tibetan Buddhism.

In the Bon pantheon, Chamma is considered as one of the “four principal sugatas,” also known as the four peaceful deities, who stimulate and superintend the spiritual evolution of the human race. They are:

Sherab Chamma, the Perfection of Wisdom.
Shenlha Okar, the sambhogakaya Buddha.
Sangpo Bumtri, the creator deity.
Shenrab Miwoche, the nirmanakaya or teacher.

The Loving Mother’s devotion to acts of love over many lifetimes transformed her into Chamma, the goddess whose unconditional love energy compassionately protects all beings. Chamma’s energy manifests in eight different ways to help overcome eight different fears.

Sherab Chamma – Iconography

Chamma holds a mirror in her left hand. This mirror represents the purity of Chamma heart as reflected in a perfect understanding of the karma and suffering of all beings.

The vase in her right hand contains the essence of the potential hopes, dreams, and accomplishments of all who are committed to Chamma. Her throne is supported, like Shenlha Odkar, by two snow lions representing her supremacy over all life.

Benefits Of Chanting Sherab Chamma Heart Mantra:

Sherab Chamma is available to everyone for comfort, guidance, and healing as she has the power to dispel all obstacles such as fear, sickness, sadness or negative impact of demonic forces. She is thereby able to prolong life.

Meaning on syllables, according to Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche teachings:

OM – the great, all knowing, loving mother Chamma
MA – protection from enemies
WA – protection from curses
MA – protection from infertility
DE – protection from nagas
MA – protection from wrong views
HI – protection from making harmful errors
MO – protection from death
HA – protection from negative planetary forces
E – means of enlightened activity: peaceful, increasing, powerful, wrathful
MA – represents the source of the teachings
HO – four doorkeepers of the mandala on each level
MA – her 108 manifestations that inspire certain sutric & tantric teachings
YE – her 360 manifestations that inspire other sutric & tantric teachings
RU – 5,500 manifestations manifest in: accumulation, preparation, seeing, meditation
PA – Her countless external manifestations
YE – the primordial single root of the countless manifestations
TA – Chamma who is the tamer of the powerful beings and powerful realms
DU – Chamma of manifestation
DU – Chamma of the Bodhisattvas of the ten bhumis
SO – the aspect of Chamma beyond the three times, existence or non-existence, eternalism or nihilism, appearance and emptiness
HA – the base of manifestation of all the root sutric deities.

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This version of this mantra Is interpreted by Geshe YongDong.


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