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Ten Ways to Declutter Your Mind

In these difficult times, it won’t be wrong to say that our nerves are jangled, and we see no way out. The effects on our lives, our loved ones have significantly impacted our mental health and the usual advice to maintain sanity is not helping us. Nowadays, decluttering our mind is not easy and getting support for it is also somehow impossible.

Many people would just ask you to take it easy and chill out. But wait! Is it really that easy to stay calm and get back on track? No! Losing loved ones, financial worries, meeting work deadlines won’t let you reduce your mental stress or stay sane.

But, you can somehow manage to make your mind relax. The sadness people are dealing with these days is massive. Many went into depression, and other have upset mood.

If you are also the one who was hit hard, please loosen up a bit. Look after yourself and all those who are in the same boat.

It might take time to unwind, but it will help you release anxiety and relax your mind and body.

#1 MeditationMeditation woman meditation in a room

Meditation is the key to come out of daily struggles and relax your mind in different ways. Focus on your breath or visualization, and you can quickly overcome your anxiety and stress up to 50%.

Studies have found that meditating consecutively for ten days can reduce your hassle by up to 11%, and you can diminish up to 30-35% of your stress by meditating daily for one month.

Practicing mindfulness coaches you to stay in the present and allows you to recognize when you’re triggered by stress or what triggers it the most and clears your mind from traumatic thoughts.

#2 Take a hot water bathEpsom Salt Bath

In the times when harrowing thoughts wholly occupy your mind, taking a hot water bath feels no less than heaven.

There might be a reason that won’t let you sleep; a hot water bath can resolve that too.

A New York-based dermatologist reveals that as a result of soothing warm water, your body releases endorphins, a chemical produced by your body to release stress and anxiety and is therapeutic and bolstering as it upsurges the blood flow to the skin.

#3 Try breathing exercise for mind relaxation

One of the most ignored yet the most effective stress management gear to tackle your sadness and upset mood is trying out breathing exercises. Something you can’t live without and practice throughout the day, your breathing is your best friend when you’re down and want to augment your mood.

Taking deep breaths and other breathing exercises helps you improve your mood and calms your body and mind. The more you try out these activities, the better will be your mental health.

#4 Listen to soothing music

Listening to soothing music can have a tremendous effect on your mind. When you are depressed and have some deadlines ahead, listen to some slow, classical and relaxing music. It will balance your pulse rate, lower the blood pressure, and decrease your stress hormones level.

For instance, when I have an upset mood and an immediate deadline, the first thing I do before I write my assignment is connecting my air pods and then start writing. Music increases serotonin and oxytocin levels in your brain and helps you boost your mood.

#5 Try gratitude journalingwoman writting in a journal

We might have many challenges to stress on but can never beat the blessings we should be grateful for.

When you are depressed or facing some sadness, try journaling for being thankful. Shifting your focus from stress to everything you’re grateful for helps you stay happy and content, which can eliminate your stress like nothing else.

#6 Talk to your best friend

Communicating with your friends, talking to them about your challenges and pain helps you get rid of those traumatic times quickly.

These gifts from god know us better than us and help us identify our triggers and bug stress. You might not recognize what your problem is; they are the ones going to do this for us. They might not be professional counselors, but no counselor can beat them

#7 Connect to Naturemeditate in nature

Spending time in green spaces and connecting to nature can be very comforting when dealing with stress. You don’t have to stare at it for hours; just look how the shadow of a still tree is helping people on a sunny day.

Take a walk through the local park and look at how pansies are blooming despite a chilly evening. It’s not about what you lost or what you don’t have; it’s about how you bloom again after the chaos.

#8 Get creative

Connect to the hidden artist inside you, paint down your stress and see how it helps you feel calm and relaxed. If you have excellent writing skills, monetize them and bug your stress through it. You can provide content writing services, coursework help, dissertation services, etc.

You can also try sketching, drawing, coloring, and playing your favorite musical instruments, whatever helps you best.

#9 Watch your favorite Netflix show

My personal choice to divest myself from sadness and anxiety is indulging in my favorite Netflix documentaries. It doesn’t only helps me get rid of a sad mood but also keeps my mind relaxed.

#10 Go for a stroll at the beachGo for a stroll at the beach

The soothing sound of water waves touching the seashore has all of our hearts. You won’t ever see anyone who doesn’t like a long walk around the beach.

When nothing works for you, go for a stroll at the beach and listen to the chirping sound of seagulls. It is all you need to get rid of those stubborn fears, sadness, and anxiety.

Author bio

Melissa Calvert is a devoted Lifestyle Counselor at Crowd Writer, one of the best dissertation writing service UK. She is a travel bug and loves to meet people around the world. Melissa practices yoga daily and goes for a morning walk to keep her mind relaxed.

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