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Significance of Water on Your Spiritual Journey

When deciding to set off on a spiritual journey, be prepared to face a lot of obstacles on the way.

One of them might be spiritual dryness, which is often the main reason why people start thinking about embracing spirituality and changing their perspective on life. Water comes in as a metaphoric cure with all its healing properties.

When you feel distant from your spiritual beliefs, the miraculous effects of water can bring your spirit up in several ways. Keep reading to find out more about how water can help you cross the gap from spiritual dryness to becoming one with your beliefs.

A Symbol Of Purity And Life

Life comes from water, judging by many religious stories and myths. Scientifically speaking, life actually has emerged from water millions of years ago, which is why we still associate it with fertility.

Water is also associated with the circling of matter in nature, because the way life circulates is similar to the way blood flows in living organisms. In some traditions, water is also a symbol of wisdom, which is why Taoist meditation practices often take place next to rivers or lakes.

Ancient Greeks found meaning in water by looking at the way it changes and transits from one state to another. In their thoughts, we can associate water with metamorphosis and philosophical recycling.

A Symbol Of Health And Growth

Just as you are worried about hydrating your soul in a metaphoric way, you should mind that water has healing properties for the body, as well.

Moreover, the human body couldn’t function without water, and it’s hard to grow spiritually when your body is deprived of the most needed liquid. Regular water intake is what you should think about, which is why consuming at least 2 liters of water every day should be a goal to aim for.

Keep in mind that any other kind of liquids like soda drinks or juices won’t help hydrate your body as much as pure, clean water. In order to stay hydrated, always keep a water bottle and a hydrating serum nearby. By making sure that your body is hydrated, you’ll move one huge step forward to achieving your spiritual goals.

A Symbol Of Punishment

The reasons why we go through spiritual drought are many, but judging by the Bible, there are three main ways a mortal can be punished for the misdeeds he or she has committed. If one disobeys God, the Bible states that He will turn one’s head to bronze, and the ground to iron, leaving nothing but drought.

This metaphor symbolizes a need for repentance in order for water to start flowing in one’s life again. The second reason for the spiritual drought comes due to praying to God only when in need. Regular prayers can prevent spiritual drought and thirst for God’s gifts.

Finally, dry seasons can emerge when we are transitioning from one point in our relationship with God to another. Droughts can appear as a metaphor for change, and the sooner one starts growing spiritually, the sooner the drought will end.

A Symbol Of Redemption

Although the story of Noah in the Christian Bible might seem like one where water is a symbol of punishment, some interpretations may argue that it actually symbolizes redemption. The flood has been sent to clean the Earth from sin, but the point of the story lies in the transition from sin to redemption.

There is a similar storyline in Islam where the Qur’an states that one will experience springs of drinking water in the gardens of paradise as life comes to an end.

The practice of cleaning with water is one of the most important rituals in Baptism, and Baptists also believe that water is a wellspring of all holiness, which is why they consider the Great flood a gift, rather than a punishment. Symbolically, if you clean your body in a sacred way, you will clean your soul from all the sins.

Since water is essential for life in many ways, no wonder it has so many symbolic features that can guide you on your spiritual path. If you study carefully all the benefits water can bring, surely you will find that no other substance on Earth can be as helpful in nourishing your spirituality.