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4 Ways of Improving Health and Wellness on the Golf Course

Golf is a leisurely sport, and so most people do not associate it with health and wellness. However, this is just a misconception because any seasoned golfer will tell you that there are many ways to promote both physical and mental health when on the golf course.

In fact, it is almost as good as other more physically engaging sports like soccer and baseball.

There are more benefits to playing golf than just getting some free time to catch up with friends. And this is more so for those that are getting to their sunset years.

If you are still not sure how golf can promote your health and wellness, here are four ways that should also convince you to play more often.

#1 Relieves Stress

Stress is bad for your health, and this is not only because it keeps you awake all night. Besides from the risk of landing you into depression, stress will also affect your physical well being because many people find it hard to eat when stressed.

But, a few rounds of golf every few days or even a few times a month can help you deal with stress.

Golf is an outdoor sport that gives you the opportunity to interact and share with others which is a great way to forget the troubles of your life. Also, the few hours that you concentrate on the game and are exposed to the clean, fresh air on the course will make it easier for you to deal with stress and anxiety.

Playing a round of golf releases endorphins which are natural mood-enhancing chemicals within the brain that will leave you relaxed and happier.

#2 Burns Calories and Strengthens Muscles

Did you know that even when you ride on a cart when playing golf you can burn at least 822 calories? And if you decide to walk with the golf bag on your back you will burn around 1442 calories while pulling a cart burns 1436 calories.

Regardless of how you prefer to move around the course, the fact is that you will burn more calories than you would when sitting on your comfortable couch. Hence, golfing can be very useful for your weight loss program and your overall health.

Walking around the course and swinging clubs will also help to work and strengthen your muscles. Golfing will work your pectoralis major or chest muscles, gluteus maximum or butt muscles, larissimus dorsi or back muscles, your core muscles and the forearms.

And when you take the swing posture you will work even more muscles which makes golf a great sport for strengthening your entire body’s muscles.

#3 Boost Brain Power

Although most golfers will only associate golf with many physical benefits, it also improves the health of your brain and mental wellness. As your heart rate increases when playing golf so will the blood flow to the brain and this can, in turn, improve nerve cell connections. For many golfers, this will delay the onset of mental illnesses such as dementia.

Also, playing golf requires a lot of brain activity as you calculate your strategy when competing with others or tally your score and this will improve your mental wellness.

#4 Better Sleep

Anything that helps you get better and longer sleep is good for your health and wellness. With the busy life schedules and the stress and anxiety that they come with this, it is not always easy to get some shut-eye. But, playing a few rounds of golf can help you get the rest that your body needs.

First, the exercise that you get when on the course and the distance that you cover when moving from one hole to the other will always leave you tired, and so the chances are that you will end up falling asleep the minute your head lands on the pillow.

Secondly, the relaxing nature of the outdoor environment with trees, birds and fresh air helps you forget the things that might be stressing you, and so you will have nothing to keep you awake at night.


Everything from carrying your bag to swinging your driver and putting in golf takes some effort and it will require you to use most of your muscles. Also, coming up with a strategy to beat your friend in an 18-hole round and tallying your score will make you use some brain power.

What all this means is that golf requires both mental and physical engagement, and so it is a great sport for your overall health and wellness. And it is also a good excuse to meet your friends over the weekend. If you also add the low risk of injury you will have the perfect sport for all ages.

Varun Sharma

Thursday 30th of April 2020

This is very helpful.Thanks for sharing.