Three Ways to Treat your Depression

Living with depression can be extremely difficult for so many people. Plus, the scariest part about depression is that there is no way to tell if someone has it by looking at them.

Most harmful and possibly deadly diseases have some exterior marks or symptoms that people recognize right away. But, with depression, most people have no clue that is what makes this illness so dangerous.

Sometimes, depression can be heartbreaking, not only for the ill but also for family and friends. Nobody likes to see their loved ones in pain. So, If you or anyone you know has depression and is looking for a way to make yourself feel much better, below is a list of three ways to treat depression from home.

Change eating habits

A common misconception about depression is that dieting will help you feel much better, but this is only partially true. Most of the time, dieting involves eating less food and trying to lose weight. This is great for people who want to shave off a couple of pounds, but it could make someone with depression much worse.

When you diet to lose weight, you are sacrificing calorie intake to prevent further weight gain and help your body burn fat faster. Those suffering from depression need to eat healthy foods that increase calorie intake. This way, they will have much more energy to get out and about.


Exercise can be beneficial for someone with depression because they are getting their body in motion. Much like Newton’s first law of motion, something in motion will stay in motion; the body works similarly.

If you are continually exercising and staying active, you are much more likely to continue doing so. For someone who is depressed, this can be a great way to help treat your illness and get a great jump on the day.

Tip – aim for at least 3 sessions of physical exercise per week.


TMS stands for Transcranial magnetic stimulation, and it is an extremely effective way to approach treating depression. The way it works is that it electrically stimulates your nerves that control things such as mood.

This treatment method is entirely painless, and there are some great places to get TMS therapy in Los Angeles.



Overall, mental illness, including depression, can cause a lot of people so much pain. When people hear illness or disease, they immediately think; cancer, HIV, or any bad diseases that do extreme bodily harm. Even though these illnesses are awful, mental illness could be just as bad, if not worse.

Mental illness, including depression, is something that flies way under the radar. Most of the time, when people hear the word mental illness, they think of insane asylums and institutions.

More than five percent of adults experience mental illness, and these numbers keep climbing. It takes a lot of courage to come forth and admit that something is wrong with you, but it takes even more to take steps to fix it on your own time.

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