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8 Things to Improve Around the House

Your home is your castle. It’s where your family gathers, makes mistakes, creates memories, and grows. It’s also the place where you express yourself, provide comfort, and enjoy life. The perfect home is a blend of relaxing, comfortable, and beautiful.

If you get that spring cleaning itch, and you want to invest some time in your home, here are eight simple things improvements. Whether you go with one of them, or all eight, each one helps get your home ready for summer fun.


Your counter controls the look of both your kitchen and your bathroom. Outdated counters often ruin the look of a room, whereas new counters make it look too new and sterile. If you’re stuck with ugly counters, there are a couple of things you can do to spruce them up. Some people try to paint on their old counter surfaces or on marbled adhesive sheets.

You may want a more permanent solution, however, so you could go with gorgeous granite countertops and keep your counters looking good forever.


The walls of your home have a great deal of influence over the lighting and feel of every room. The right color transforms a place, and the wrong color often ruins it. Don’t stick with colors that make you feel queasy. If you’re going to have white walls, decorate in such a way that makes them look great. If you feel like your walls are outdated or underdeveloped, use these upcoming weeks to find a new color and get painting!


The lighting of a room is important. If it’s too dark, the room seems alien and gloomy. With too much overhead lighting, the room fills with eerie shadows. If you want your house to look spectacular, spend time finding the right lighting.

You can install sconces, buy great floor lamps, or even design your own chandeliers using perforated tubing. The lighting of your room is easy to control, and well-designed lighting often makes all the difference.

The Roof

Your roof can fall into disrepair in an instant after a bad thunderstorm or a long and icy winter. It’s a good idea to check your roof every spring for tears or rot. If your roof needs repair, contact a local roofing company.

If you live somewhere with harsh winters or frequent rain, you might want to eliminate the risk of rotting shingles altogether and install residential metal roofing. A good roof can help protect your family, your house, and keep your property looking great.

The Garage

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garage. However, if you do, it’s time to take it in hand. Unless you’re passionate about your garage, your garage may look like a storm snuck in and threw a party (or seven) without your knowledge.

Somehow, all the toys, sports equipment, bikes, lawn mowers, and heirlooms you acquired over the years end up in the garage. To organize, hang bikes from the ceiling, donate toys and tools you no longer use and sweep out all the cobwebs. You’ll have a huge sigh of relief once it’s clutter-free.

The Shower

Your shower is, without a doubt, one of the moldiest places in your house. This week, you might want to give it a deep clean, with new caulk, bleach, and a new shower curtain. If your shower seems beyond all hope, it may be time for a bathroom remodel. Your shower is the perfect thing to update in your bathroom since a beautiful shower and tub can help make the sun shine brighter on an early work morning.


One of your home’s biggest enemies is storage space. If you don’t have enough of it, things become hard to find. Surfaces pile up with clutter, and pots and pans stack up inside your cupboards. Instead of settling for poor storage space, start finding ways to use what storage space you have more efficiently.

You can take advantage of vertical space by installing shelves, using bins, or hanging things like cups or utensils underneath your cupboards. You have a lot more storage space then you think you do.


If you mow your lawn, then you’re probably passing all your neighborhood requirements. You don’t have to settle for a simple lawn, however. You can make your backyard a fun, relaxing refuge.

You can set up a trampoline, a hammock, or a basketball hoop. Be sure to look up the best trampoline brands before purchasing one as the costs and quality can vary. You can also improve the beauty of your yard with a garden. You might want to enjoy the taste of home-grown vegetables or the look and aroma of bright-blooming flowers.

Improving your home is a fun and rewarding project. It’s easy to find small ways to improve a room, whether it’s a new paint color, a fresh start on getting organized, or a new lamp. Around your home this spring, you can find ways to get things looking sharp, up-to-date, and beautiful.

You might want to start with your roof and work your way down to the basement, or stick to a single project, like adding flowers to your front walkway. You might find that you need to seriously declutter and organize your front closet or find a way to improve your counters. Whatever you update in your home this year, you’ll be proud of the change each and every day.