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How Play Helps A Child To Develop

One of the most important aspects of a child’s development when growing up is play.

Although it can seem on the surface like an activity that is secondary to academic focus, your child’s ability to play is crucial for a number of reasons.

The main benefits of play

As noted above, play is essential for children in a number of ways. To get a better idea of exactly why, you need to be aware of the specific behaviors it can help with and also how it positively impacts their overall health.

Mental development

One of the key factors why play is so vital for your child’s development is the mental aspect it helps define.

Through play, your child will build up a sense of their own identity and also start to feel good about themselves as they successfully participate in games. It also allows them a safe environment in which to practice verbal and non-verbal communications skills with their peers.

Physical development

Another great way that play helps your child grow is in their physical development. By playing a variety of games, they will improve many skills such as coordination, strength and fine motor skills.

It doesn’t have to be physical games either to learn this way. Even using a marker to color in, counts as physical development!


Unleashing your child’s creative side can bring them real bonuses as they grow older. It will help them with problem-solving skills and enables them to use their imagination to find a way around any issues.

This can all be done during play-time as things like making up their own games or writing their very own story will help foster their imagination and creativity.

What types of toys encourage the best play?

There are lots of different ways your child can play to help them develop, and all have their own benefits. Playing a multi-player board game can give them the chance to practice their sharing skills and how to play with others, according to set rules.

Toys that help you play with your child are also excellent, as this gives you a chance to build a real bond with them through play.

Products such as Magic Tracks, for example, will enchant your child with its bright, glow in the dark track and exciting LED cars to play with.

Remember to encourage your child

When playing with your child, it is crucial to give them lots of support and encouragement as this will make it more enjoyable for them. By doing this when they are playing properly it will also reinforce good behavior by them.

You should remember to monitor your child when they play, either with yourself or other children, to ensure they are playing nicely and to encourage different types of play.

In terms of the amount of play your child should have, the general rule for toddlers or younger is no more than one hour at a time.

Play Is key for your child’s development

As this article shows, the chance to play brings your child so many benefits that it is a key part of their development.

By giving them this chance to experience quality play-time and fully explore their emotions and physical abilities, you are giving them the best start in life.