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Keeping You And Your Family Healthy

Comprehensive Health

Even if you have a family doctor, for some conditions, there can be challenges in finding treatment options. Covering your health in a comprehensive way will require some level of strategy. You’re going to need to understand what sort of medical issues are facing you, and how best to handle them.

First and foremost, what makes sense is finding a sort of healthy homeostasis. Homeostasis is when your body is operating at a reliable level.

That is to say: you’ve got the right levels of health, you’ve got the right levels of adipose tissue, musculature is in proper relation to bone strength, and you’re getting proper rest.

All of these things are integral, but they’re all useless if your mind isn’t in the right place. Mentally, the most physically fit people can still be in terrible health.

Consider someone with a perfect body who destroys their internal organs with excessive substance abuse. Certainly, the body will sustain this poisoning for a while, but fallout in the form of cirrhosis, dementia, or internal organ failure will eventually transpire.

Or say you’re eating right, exercising regularly, and avoiding substance abuse—but you’ve got a penchant for standing right in front of exceptionally loud speakers at death metal concerts.

This could result in a hearing loss—here’s a resource if you need hearing aids; but wouldn’t it be better to avoid that issue in the first place? And wouldn’t it be best to help ensure your family avoids the mistakes you’ve made in terms of health?

The Key To Healthy Living

Moderation is the key to healthy living for you and your family. It’s actually not unhealthy to enjoy substances, to eat a little more than is strictly necessary, or to stand right near those massive speakers in front of your favorite band. The key is not doing these things perpetually.

You need to give your body time to recover once you’ve abused it slightly. Do that, and, actually, you can build musculature.

But you’ve got to be careful here. Human beings adapt, and there’s a concept called “epigenetics” which is changing many established perspectives on the subject. Gene expression changes without the code itself shifting.

An example of epigenetics would be the difference between someone’s DNA before and after they got in shape.

What we do in our life actually changes our bodies at the genetic level. If you don’t believe that, just consider suntanning. Unless you use proper suntan lotion, you must burn before you tan. However, once you reach a state of being tanned, you’re much less likely to burn even if you spend long hours under the sun. Your body has adapted to its situation.

It turns out human adaptability is built-in to the genetic code—but only to a certain level. You’ll never learn to fly by flapping your arms! Think of it as the atmospheric controls in your car. If you drive to Alaska, you might turn on the heat. If you drive to Florida, you might activate the A/C.

Both heat and cool options exist regardless of where your vehicle is, but your situation will either activate or deactivate these built-in features. However, your car doesn’t have wings, and there’s no switch to activate them. So moderation within limitation is integral to a healthy homeostasis.

Concierge Medical Attention

With epigenetics, it’s becoming understood that there are certain health benefits that regular activity repetition can activate. Or, conversely, lack of activity—this is what ketogenic diets are all about. Basically, you eliminate all “fuel” in the body, and it sort of “resets” itself.

Do it right, and you can both get in shape and stay in shape better—with the arguably less overall effort.

Managing health plans like this may require you to find concierge doctors in Portland or elsewhere who can help you know where your limitations are, and what sort of potential you have.

Concierge doctors are basically physicians you keep on an annual retainer. These can be very essential for families.

Having such medical professionals at your fingertips is as integral to you individually as it is to your family as a whole. Getting doctors involved in the health of young ones early can help them avoid many pitfalls of adulthood later.

Practicing moderation within limitation is definitely recommendable, and the right M.D. will help you know how to do that.