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Getting There With a Group

We’re used to getting ourselves to a destination at an appointed time. We do it every day when we go to work or go to the grocery store or go to an appointment at our dentist’s office.

Those are routine responsibilities and errands that must get done before we can move on to the more fun aspects of our lives. Whether we go by personal car or use public transportation such as a train or bus, such trips occur so often that we hardly think anything of them.

The dynamics are different, however, when we’re transporting a large group of people to a place for a special occasion. Shuttling groups to weddings, parties, and other events requires an extra level of care and planning.

Group logistics

Weddings are joyous occasions that tend to attract a lot of people. One survey found that the average number of wedding guests is 120. That’s a lot!

That’s probably more people than you work within your office, and unless you work in a busy customer-facing job, you probably don’t talk to 120 people in a day.

The idea of being responsible for shuttling 120 people from your ceremony at the church to your reception site at a winery can be daunting. You may not have to be responsible for all of those people, though.

You can offer a limited shuttle service and remind guests of the consequences of impaired driving, but don’t plan on transporting every single guest at your wedding unless you’re holding either the ceremony or reception in a highly remote area that’s hard to find even if you have GPS on your phone.

And nowadays, most of us have GPS on our phones. Even if you have a lot of out-of-town guests, most of them are capable of either renting cars or carpooling with other guests.

Your wedding party is another matter. Most people want their bridesmaids, groomsmen, and others in the party to feel like a special part of their special day.

Sure, a wedding day is about the love between a couple, but it’s also about the love that other people have for that couple. Getting married in Westchester County?

Hire an Armonk, NY, limo service to get you and the rest of the wedding party where it needs to be. Limos are a great way of announcing, “Someone important is arriving!” And who doesn’t want to feel important on one of life’s happiest days?

Contracts and liability

When you’re signing an agreement with a car company, make sure everything about the contract is completely clear to both sides. It should be very specific.

If the wedding party needs to arrive at the Basking Ridge Country Club no later than 2:30 p.m., then the contract should spell that out.

If your shuttle driver has specific instructions to pick up your grandparents from their hotel at 10 a.m., then that should be written down somewhere as well. The best way to avoid misunderstanding and conflict is to be as clear and honest as possible.

That’s true regardless of if you’re talking about transportation contracts or romantic relationships.

Car transport companies should also have insurance that covers them in case of any accidents. Feel free to ask questions about that as well. If a place hedges or refuses to give you complete answers, then it’s worth re-considering your business relationship with that place.