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Epilepsy – Spiritual Meaning and Causes in Adults and Children

Epilepsy is a serious seizure disorder of various causes, and it occurs in both children and adults.

The symptoms include grand mal seizures with physical convulsions and compromised breathing.

The seizures can last from seconds to minutes and leave the patient incapable of performing normal actions for a short period of time.

With many diseases like Epilepsy, there is a root spiritual meaning, and there are various causes.

Identifying the cause helps physicians treat the conditions successfully.

The understanding of spiritual meaning will help you better understand all of the physical and mental causes.

Victims of this disorder will need medical care, most likely for the rest of their lives.

Spiritual Meaning

Epilepsy is considered, among sacred circles, to be a premature awakening of consciousness.

Often, people with epilepsy experience visions before, during, and after a seizure.

Therefore, the spiritual meaning is one of a “sacred source.”

Many spiritual traditions support an idea of powerful spiritual energy in the spine up through the head.

Typically, this energy is called “kundalini,” and, in many traditions, it is a sign of spiritual awakening.

As this powerful and transformative energy rises, chakras and the nervous system are both supercharges and, if prematurely attained, can also “cleanse” diseases from the body with one’s own spiritual energy.

When considered from the view of a Yogi or other spiritual master, epilepsy is not even the name for the condition. Instead, it is regarded as an advancement of the total being, opening up the senses to experience true reality.

Typically, before a seizure starts, people often enter a deeply happy state of consciousness with colorful visions.

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Spiritual and Physical Causes

As described, on the end of spiritual consideration for epilepsy, the condition is considered to be an early spiritual awakening.

Some people believe this is caused by the elevation of the frequencies of the Earth, and it makes sense.

The planet has a natural electromagnetic frequency balance. Certain individuals are very sensitive to this balance and will enter unusual states of consciousness that leads to a seizure.

You would probably question how a spiritual advancement could cause a disease. That is only if the awakening is premature.

The individual has not yet developed the grounding and practices needed to endure the powerful, transformative energy rising in the body.

As a result, the nervous system becomes accelerated to the point of seizure. American hemp oil can change all of this for the better.

CBD oil extracted from hemp has been shown to have seizure-controlling properties.

Children most often suffer from epilepsy with “unknown causes.”

Then epilepsy goes away as they become adults. Conversely, people who did not have epileptic symptoms during childhood develop it in adulthood.

Physical causes of epilepsy are usually brain tumors or other physiological disorders of the brain.

Sometimes it is caused by heightened emotions and seriously stressful conditions. For those who are sensitive to epileptics, emotional counseling is often recommended.


Epilepsy is obviously caused by differing conditions. On the spiritual side, it could be balanced by proper guidance.

For physical causes, medical treatment is required.

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Sunday 12th of September 2021

My husband just had a grand Mal seizure and I believe experiencing smaller scale ones periodically throughout the day. I appreciate this article to help me understand how this could be related to spirituality. I have been on my own awakening path and try to look at the metaphysical reasons for things. Namaste


Thursday 9th of September 2021

Thank you

This is the first spiritual explanation I’ve encountered regarding epilepsy and I’ve been searching for insight for many years on the subject.

Blessings 🤍