Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha Mantra Meaning

Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha – Translation In English:

”Om and salutations to that single being of Love, manifested as the lovers Krishna and Radha.”

The Krishna and Radha relationship is a love story spanning five millennia and it has become a matter of legends. They are collectively known within Hinduism as the combination of both the masculine as well as the feminine aspects of the divine.

Lord Krishna (the eighth avatar of the god Vishnu) is usually mentioned as ”svayam bhagavan” in Gaudiya Vaishnavism theology and Radha is Krishna’s supreme beloved.

It is considered that Lord Krishna enchants the world, but Radha “enchants even Him. Therefore, Radha is the supreme goddess of all. Radha Krishna.”

It is also considered that Radha is not just one cowherd maiden, but is the source of all the gopis, or divine personalities that participate in the rasa dance.

Significance of their love:

Their story is purely about love. They did not get married and they were not with each other at every moment of their lives. Even though physically they were not connected, mentally they were one. The pure transcendental love that Krishna and Radha enjoy on the highest level of bliss expresses itself in the form of being paramours, not being wife and husband.

Radha’s passion for Lord Krishna symbolizes the soul’s intense longing and willingness for the ultimate unification with the divine.

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