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Namo Amituofo Mantra Meaning

The Meaning Of Namo Amituofo (Namo Amitabha):

Buddha Amitabha, also called Amituofo in Chinese, literally means boundless light and boundless life.

He is the Buddha in the Pure Land (or the Land of Ultimate Bliss), in which all beings enjoy unbounded happiness.

He represents compassion and love, and Amitabha Buddha is pictured as being the rich, warm color of the setting sun.

Amitabha Buddha has 48 great vows to establish and adorn his Pure Land.

People also call or recite upon his name by the time of death will be born in the Pure Land with the reception by Buddha Amitabha.

According to the Mahayana Amitayus Sutra, Buddha Amitabha was, in very ancient times and possibly in another system of worlds, a monk named Dharmakara.

In some versions of the Mahayana Amitayus Sutra, the monk is described as a former king who, having come into contact with the Buddhist dharma through the Buddha Lokesvararaja, renounced his throne.

Dharmakara then resolved to become a Buddha and so to come into possession of a buddha-field (buddha-ksetra), a realm existing in the primordial universe outside of ordinary space-time, produced by a Buddha’s merit.

These resolutions were expressed in his 48 vows, which set out the type of buddha-field Dharmakara aspired to create, the conditions under which beings might be born into that world, and what type of beings they would be when reborn there.

He is also known in Mongolia, Tibet, and other regions where Tibetan Buddhism is practiced. In the Highest Yoga Tantra class of the Tibetan Vajrayana, Buddha Amitabha is acknowledged as one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas (together with Amoghasiddhi, Aksobhya, Vairocana, and Ratnasambhava), who is linked with the western direction and the skandha of saṃjna, the aggregate of recognition and the deep awareness of individualities.

What is the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss?

This is the Buddha Land of Buddha Amitabha.

In the sutra, there is a full description of Pure Land. This is the world of utmost joy without suffering.

With the spiritual power of Amitabha, all sentient beings in this world will understand Buddhism easily and practice diligently, and attain enlightenment eventually.

Therefore by reciting Namo Amitabha’s name, Buddhist devotees hope that they will be born in this Pure Land after their lives on earth. Faith in Amida’s Pure Land Sect can be traced back to the Six Dynasties Period in China (317-589 AD).

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Chanting Benefits Of Namo Amituofo – Buddha Amitabha Mantra

You can use this mantra as a prayer or in meditation. It is good to sing or repeat, with a sincere heart.

It can also help to purify your negative karma. However you use it, may this chant bless you and your loved ones.

Through Amitabha Buddha practices, our deluded passion, attachment, and grasping are transmuted into the clear-sighted warmth of true loving compassion.

The ego’s selfish demands yield to our profound commitment to others’ well-being and enlightenment.

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