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Guru Padmasambhava Mantra to Remove Obstacles

Padmasambhava Mantra lyrics:
”Om Ah Hum Benza Guru Padme Siddhi Hum.”

This mantra is the very heart essence of Padmasambhava. It is also the mantra of all the masters, Buddhas, dakas, yidams, protectors, and dakinis.

When you chant it, you are invoking the very embodiment of Guru Padmasambhava.

Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, was an 8th-century Tibetan Buddhist master.

Various legends have grown around Rinpoche’s life and deeds, and he is widely venerated as a ‘second Buddha’ across Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and the Himalayan states of India.

In Tibetan Buddhism, he is a character of a genera of literature called terma, an emanation of Amitabha that is said to appear to tertons in visionary encounters and a center of guru yoga practice, especially in the Rime schools.

The Nyingmapa school considers Rinpoche to be the founder of their tradition.

The Meaning Of Guru Padmasambhava Mantra

  • Om is the seed syllable of the crown chakra.
  • Ah is the seed syllable of the vishuddha (throat) chakra.
  • Hum is the seed syllable of the heart center.
  • Benza means diamond-tine awareness.
  • Guru means spiritual teacher.
  • Padme means lotus.
  • Siddhi means extraordinary power.
  • Hum means the primordial luminosity of all things.

There are a large number of ways and means to translate and understand this mantra, but by visualizing Guru Rinpoche floating in the sky, recite the mantra and receive his blessings.

When you chant Om, visualize a white light originating from Rinpoche’s forehead and dissolving into yours, purifying and empowering you with the body of a Buddha.

When you chant Ah, visualize a red light coming from Rinpoche’s throat center and dissolving into yours, purifying and empowering you with the speech of a Buddha.

When you chant Hum, visualize a blue light coming from Rinpoche’s heart center and dissolving into yours, purifying and empowering you with the mind of a Buddha.

As you chant Benza Guru Padme Siddhi Hum, allow rainbow light to emanate from your heart center and into the 10 000 directions purifying the body, speech, and mind of all the sentient beings in Samsara.

When you are done with your chanting, transform Guru Rinpoche into a vajra and draw him into your Brahman aperture, down through your central channel, and into your heart center.

Permit the vajra to increase the rainbow light emanating from your heart center.

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The benefits Of Chanting the Guru Rinpoche Mantra

The Divine Powers of this mantra are to clean all the negative karma that you have done in the past and in countless past lives and be liberated from them so that you can eventually evolve and get freed from rebirth and sufferings.

By chanting this mantra daily, your Life’s circumstances become auspicious, and you are motivated towards spiritual life and begin to yearn for enlightenment.

In the Nyingma tradition (the oldest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism), this mantra is considered to be a potent mantra that can engender union with the Three Vajras (speech, body, and mind) of Guru Rinpoche’s mindstream.

Therefore, we can say that the Guru Rinpoche mantra forms part of guru yoga because guru yoga follows to unite the mindstream of the spiritual practitioner with the mindstream of the spiritual teacher.

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