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Fudo Myoo Mantra (Acala Mantra) – The Immovable One

Fudo Myoo Mantra (Acala Mantra) - The Immovable One

Fudo Myoo Mantra (Acala mantra) lyrics:
„No-maku Samanda Bazara (da) Senda Makaroshada Sowataya (um) Tarata Kanman”

Fudo Myoo Mantra (Acala Mantra) translation in English:

„Homage to the all-pervading Vajras! O Violent One of great wrath! Destroy! hum trat ham mam”


Acala is a dharmapala (Defenders of the Dharma), primarily revered in Vajrayana Buddhism, especially in Tangmi traditions of Japan where he is known as Fudo Myoo, China and elsewhere. Fudo Myoo is a defender of Buddhism and a wisdom king. Several branches of Buddhism practice the purification of body-mind with fudo mantra chanting.

In Japan, Acala is revered in the Shingon Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism, Tendai, Zen and in Shugendo. He is also highly revered amongst some Yakuza members, who often draw on his intense facial expression and demeanor.

Originally the Mahayana deity Acalanatha, whose name literally translates as „immovable protector”, Acala was incorporated into Vajrayana Buddhism as a servant of the Gautama Buddha. In Tangmi, his name was translated as Budong “immovable”. In turn, the deity was imported into Japan as “Immovable” by the priest Kukai, who was studying in China as a member of the Kentoshi mission and founded the Shingon Buddhism.

In Tibetan Buddhism and art, Akshobhya Buddha, whose name also signifies „the immovable one”, presides over the clan of deities to which Acala belongs. Other sources refer to the Acala as an „emanation” of Buddha Akshobhya, suggesting further assimilation. Acala transmits the teachings and the injunctions of Mahavairocana to all sentient beings, and whether they agree to accept or to reject these injunctions is up to them,

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He is usually surrounded by flames, usually painted orange or bright red, even in stone statues. They represent the burning of passion and anger to purify the mind of the practitioner. He is shown with 2 fangs, one pointing upward and other pointing downward, and holds a rope in his left hand, used to catch and bind demons and a sword called „Kurikara” or devil-subduing sword to, well, you guessed it, subdue the demons.  It is also used to cut through ignorance. Also, He is flanked by 2 attendants, Seitaka Doji and Kongara Doji.

Mantra chanting benefits:

This mantra is an incredibly powerful way to purify negative and is a potent tool for those who are in need of self-control.

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