Healthy activities you can indulge in while recovering from gambling addiction

Research has revealed that the majority of people gamble only to keep themselves occupied when they are getting bored. Boredom is actually one of the most commonly known triggers of gambling addiction.

Then there are people who gamble simply to distance themselves from their frustration and problems. Others indulge in it for relaxation or to celebrate some good news.

For problem gamblers who are currently on their road to recovery, it is very critical to identify healthy activities that can be enjoyed without gambling. Although the modern-day technology has made it possible to overcome gambling addiction with the help of even a nasal spray, you must take all practical measures to complete your recovery process.

Adopt creative hobbies

You should try filling up your empty time gaps with creative hobbies. Perhaps, you wanted to garden or paint all along, but never found the time.

Perhaps you have been contemplating working on some project in your basement or garage for many years. The idea is to spend your energy on something productive, to create something that you can share with people you love.

Fitness activities

You can immerse yourself in fitness routines that will require you to spend a considerable amount of time either in gymnasium or taking rest. How about joining a running club or the local softball team?!

Even if you’re far from being completely fit right now, you can start training for those small community walks or runs, as the charity 5Ks.


Learning and mastering the skill that you always wanted to get involved with, or studying something that you are keen on understanding better, are also excellent ways of filling up your time.

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There is no need for returning to the school as there are ample resources available on the Internet today. You could even check out your local library and get hold of books of your interest.


Meditation is a practice that can promote happiness, increase clarity and calmness, and reduce stress.

Regardless of whether you join some meditation class or practice it in isolation at home, learning techniques to clear your mind and employing breathing techniques for relaxation of your body and mind can be very helpful in not only keeping you away from gambling, but also evolving you as a person overall.

Here’s how daily meditations can also reduce works stress and help you lead a happier life.

Note – types of meditation include – transcendental, mantra, Zen, walking, loving-kindness, body scan, and mindfulness meditations.


Start writing a journal that you can use to pen down your problems, stresses and/or fears.

The journal will also enable you to reflect on the good days in your gambling de-addiction journey and the progress you have made so far. It can be a record of all the memories you have had along the way.

In fact, studies have proven that a few minutes of writing each day has a big therapeutic effect on many people.


If hardcore gymming is not your piece of cake, you could opt for other types of low-impact exercises like walking that can work as a relaxation means. It will also give you the opportunity to move out of home and enjoy some fresh air.

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Short walks in the neighborhood and deep breaths will help you release tension. Not just that, you will sleep very well at night too.

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